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Search agate geode bathroom decor

Search agate geode bathroom decor

agate geode bathroom decor

Agates and geodes are extremely popular for decorations, they give the room an edgy feel. We have already shared some ideas on how to incorporate geodes and agates into kitchen decor. Today I'm going to show you how to transform your bathroom into a trendy space with some gemstones, agates and geodes.

Agate wall decoration

Make your bathroom stand out with agate: add an agate accent wall to the shower or bathroom for a trendy feel. It can be an agate or artificial agate wall in a contrasting color for a bold look - it will add sophistication to your bathroom. A more budget-friendly idea is an agate-printed wallpaper that is ideal for a powder room. It comes in all sorts of looks and colors, making it easy to find a suitable option.

Wash basin and wash basin stand

Go for a beautiful geode or gemstone sink and add a modern glamor or vintage faucet - and your bathroom will be unforgettable! Or leave an agate-clad wash basin with light from inside. This is a great idea for adding a wow factor in the bathroom.

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