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rustic vintage inspired diy stepladder nightstand

rustic vintage inspired diy stepladder nightstand

A ladder can be a very functional piece! It is perfect as a bedside table as you can store a lot of things. So let’s do one. Choose boards for shelves, wall supports, and something to connect the ladder to the wall. Lean the full ladder against the wall at the desired angle. Attach the ladder to the wall with top brackets. Mark how long you want the boards to be, then cut them to size. Color the boards if desired. Place cut boards on each step and touch the wall. With a pencil, draw a line under the boards to mark where you want your supports to go. Attach supports. Attach the boards to the steps by screwing them under each step so the screws are not visible. Voila!

Scandinavian or Nordic home decor is very popular: it is simple, natural and very chic. This style is also becoming increasingly popular for outdoor areas. With a new outdoor season approaching, I want to share some ideas and tips on how to recreate this style in your garden, patio, or patio.

Colors and prints

Black and white is a classic and bold contrasting color scheme that is widely used in the Scandinavian style. Often you will see dark and almost all black terraces that are only decorated with a little white or gray. Atmospheric decor is a hot trend and works for Nordic rooms too. Whites and neutrals are also welcome - they will make your outdoor space feel brighter and fresher, bolder and sunnier. White is another really Nordic color, and it's amazing for a more modern room feel. If you prefer a vintage, go for neutral and cream colors.

With patterns, you can add some to add value to the space - some stripes or geometry will do but don't get excessive as Nordic decor is about simplicity and natural beauty, not overly refined or super lavish decor.

Furniture and decor

Do you choose furniture based on the feeling you want to achieve in the room: modern or vintage and rustic? If you prefer a modern décor, choose elegant wood, wicker or metal and forged furniture in dark colors or white. If you want a rustic and relaxed look, opt for reclaimed, weathered, and simply rustic wood furniture in warmer colors. You can also make some items for your patio yourself using pallets and boxes. They go very well with the style. Given the color scheme and philosophy of this style, you'll need a lot of greenery - even if there's a lot around, add some potted flowers too.

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