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rustic patio terrace decor ideas

rustic patio terrace decor ideas

The rustic decor is super cozy and inviting no matter what you choose – Spanish farmhouse, French countryside, or any other. You can go for a fully rustic space or add a few rustic touches here and there and you get a very inviting space – it’s fall soon, and this style is especially cool for this season. Today I’m going to share some rustic patio ideas, take a look, and get inspired!

Style and colors

Decide if you want a more traditional rustic space or a contemporary version of it, or if you want to combine rustic decor and a few other styles – boho, industrial, Spanish farmhouse or French countryside. Then find out what colors you want; In the traditional rustic style, everything revolves around warm and neutral colors. However, if you want a more contemporary feel, you can choose lighter tones or, conversely, darker tones. A rustic boho terrace can be decorated with bleached and whitewashed surfaces or richly stained items.


Rustic style means wood, rattan, wicker – these are your basics for decorating the patio or patio. If you’re traditional, go for warm and stained furniture, chairs, and tables made of rattan and wicker. If you prefer a contemporary look, keep your wooden furniture elegant and choose very laconic designs. Boho rustic rooms can be decorated with lots of rattan and wicker and reclaimed and bleached wood. You can also add stone or brick to the terrace, or add metal parts – a fire bowl or candle lanterns.

Furniture and accessories

These often help identify the style. So choose them according to the style you want and keep the color scheme. Wood, wicker, rattan of all kinds are exactly what you need for such a space. So choose some of them. Accessories help to create a desired ambience. So also pay attention to it. Get inspiration to create your perfect, calming, rustic patio!

Do you want to decorate for Halloween but don't want to break the bank? These cool and budget friendly DIYs make it easy to break the bank and decorate in cool ways.

This simple craft is suitable for children. You only need a couple of rolls of toilet paper to make these bats. Cardboard wings and funny googly eyes, and voila, you have them!

Small styrofoam skulls and golden color give you fantastic glamorous Halloween decorations. You can use them not only for Halloween but also on other days.

This is another bold, glamorous decoration made from plastic skulls. Choose the color of the skulls and paint them. Then add gems and glitter paint - paint them with glitter any way you want to create different patterns. Let it dry and enjoy!

Buy plastic snakes at Dollar Tree stores and spray them black. Fill vases with them and add candles or votives, it will look fun.

A garland for a few dollars? This one is made of yarn - just make usual tassels and paint the eyes with a pencil or paint. Voila, you have a ghost garland.

Make a Halloween wreath out of book pages without wasting a lot of money. Make cones out of book pages, paint the edges black and attach them to a sheet of cardboard.

Another wreath idea is a skull wreath. Paint the skulls and secure them together with wire. Add a ribbon, make a bow, then hang it where you want it. Although it would look especially good on your front door.

Make a Halloween plaque: buy a skull cup from a dollar store, paint the center white, and leave a proper message. Then just gild the skulls for a chic look.

Simple mason jars can be turned into fun lanterns with just some paint of your choice and stencils you can make yourself.

Do you need a simple wreath? Take a piece of cardboard, attach some orange and black straws, plus some bows, spiders, and any other decor you like.

Take the usual white candles and stamp skulls, spiders and pumpkins on them. Do you want to know how to do it Read the full tutorial.

A bold wig and a pair of human-looking eyes can be turned into a crazy monster. You can attach them to a door or just place them anywhere around the house.

Take black plastic bags and cut out a spider web. Attach them to windows, corners or other places - it's very easy and cheap.

An ordinary pupmkin from a dollar store can be painted in noble colors. If you want, you can cut out eyes and mouth for a cool lantern at a great price.

At a party, it's always difficult to understand where and whose glass is. To avoid this problem, make these spider ring beverage markers and attach them to each glass.

Make a Halloween centerpiece with pumpkins and pumpkins and turn it into a scary one with these spider stickers. You can buy them or make them yourself and this is a last minute craft - an idea so quick to do!

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