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rustic inspired diy sawhorse tables desks

rustic inspired diy sawhorse tables desks

A saw horse is a four-legged beam that is used to support a board or plank for sawing, and the legs are specially arranged to support as much weight as possible. These legs have become a source of inspiration for making common furniture, not farms. Such legs are perfect for tables and desks of any kind, they look eye-catching, are stable and you can even create storage space under the top between the legs or on top of them. You can make a desk or table out of wood, or you can take the metal or wooden saw horse legs and put a stylish glass top on top to make them part of the decor. Sawhorse pieces can look not only rustic, but also glamorous, it all depends on materials and colors. Check out the DIYs below and pick an idea for your home!

Paper lanterns are very affordable and cool, they can be used for decoration and lighting of rooms. I can't think of a more ideal piece to use to decorate a baby shower! Do you want to know how to use them? Here are a few ideas.


Number one for mimicking hot air balloons, paper lanterns are perfect for any type of baby shower. Take a paper lantern and attach it to a box or basket. Fill these with real or fake flowers, petals, diapers, a teddy bear, or anything else that comes to mind that is suitable for your shower.

Above the tables

Hang brightly colored paper lanterns in groups with pompoms over tables or a dessert table. You can add paper butterflies, bees, flowers and other things according to the baby shower theme. You can also hang vertical or standard lantern garlands over the tables just to get some light.

Other ideas

You can make owls, hot air balloons, paper lantern hangings and other things out of paper lanterns and hang them wherever you want or use them as backgrounds. All of these ideas are completely feasible for you, let yourself be inspired!

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