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rustic easter egg decor ideas

rustic easter egg decor ideas

Rustic Easter decor is very popular as this is a cozy family vacation. Easter eggs are not only the main treat, but also the main decoration for this day. Therefore, decorate them in a rustic style. There are several ideas for making them look rustic: burlap, lace, string, feathers, fabric, etc. Let me introduce the most popular options.

Burlap and string

Burlap and string are some of the most popular rustic materials, so you can just use them to cover the eggs. You can leave them unchanged or add vintage buttons, pictures, wood decorations, etc. This way you can make the eggs both vintage and rustic, so they go with two styles.


Don’t you like coloring eggs? Cover them with moss! Add buttons, flowers, burlap, put in tiny baskets or woven egg holders for a cool, rustic look. Another nice idea is to buy wooden eggs and decorate them with wire and moss to make the eggs look industrial and rustic.

Other ideas

You can dye the egg pastel colors and add a speckle decor. Coloring eggs with natural products is a rustic idea, and you can add nature-inspired prints too. If you’re not keen to die, try rustic-inspired decals like a hen, rooster, chicken, rabbit, and so on. Another idea is to attach feathers to the eggs. Such eggs look ethereal and super cute, not only rustic, but also Scandinavian and modern.

Shabby chic and vintage-inspired, a kind of rusty decor is extremely popular today as old times have their own unique charm that leaves a lasting impression. Designers create adorable shabby chic and only vintage interiors, filling them with gorgeous worn furniture, textures and accessories, and many of us are following the trend too. There are several techniques that can be used to achieve an aging look: patina paint, aging and weathering solutions for wood and metal, and whitewash for all types of surfaces.

Whitewash is the most popular idea as it is incredibly easy to implement and there is no shabby chic interior without shabby whitewashed parts or surfaces. If you have brick or faux brick walls or a fireplace, whitewashing is pretty easy and only necessary for you. We're going to show you some guides on how to do this.

First, cover any floor space around your brick with tape, paper, or whatever, or you will get whitewashed flooring too. Mix up your whitewash. For the first layer, mix 1 cup of latex paint (eggshell or satin gloss) with 1 cup of water. Just dip the tip of your brush (1 / 4-1 / 2 in.) Into the whitewash, blot the paint over a brick, and blot it off. Then, twirl them and work them into the nooks and crannies. In a few minutes the whitewash penetrates the brick and appears more translucent. If you really think you've put too much paint on, you can blot the paint off with a rag or add a little more water to the solution. For your 2nd layer, the ratio of whitewash should be 1 cup of paint: 2/3 cup of water. Apply the 2nd layer only to the areas that need it. Voila! You can find more tutorials and ideas below.

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