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rustic easter decor ideas

rustic easter decor ideas

Rustic decor is popular all year round, on holidays, and at events including weddings, and of course there’s no more natural style than rustic style at Easter. Rustic style makes everything cozier and more relaxed. If you want, you can take some inspiration from the ideas I have prepared for you below. Let’s look at that.


A wreath is a traditional decoration for many holidays, seasons, and occasions, and of course Easter is no exception. Make a rustic Easter wreath out of grapevines, speckled eggs, moss, fake rabbits and birds, twigs, willow, and other things. Add artificial carrots and artificial nests to the wreath or make it entirely from artificial eggs. Try different items that you like.

Wall art pieces

Wall art pieces are also popular for holiday decorations. Rustic signs, burlap wall art with moss, vintage mugs with hay and speckled eggs, and vintage frames with artificial nests are great for decorating for Easter.

Exterior decor

Rustic wooden disc bunnies, baskets with moss and chicks, string and wine carrots in baskets are just the thing for outdoor decoration. You can also make wire baskets with burlap and fake eggs for an industrial and rustic feel.

Other ideas

Baskets of moss, willow, onions are amazing for Easter. You can build your own nests with artificial eggs, egg displays on stands, and moss. Cover a wooden cupcake stand with moss, candles, and colored eggs.

Wreaths are the most popular decorations for any modern home. They can be used both indoors and outdoors. There are many different ideas and you can easily make your own wreath yourself. Today I have prepared a series of tutorials for those of you who don't want to spend too much on wreaths - these are wreaths that use Dollar Store accessories.

Winter Dollar Store Wreaths

Christmas and New Years are a long way off, but you can still make wreaths when the time comes. Buy packs of ornaments and a wreath shape in dollar stores and create adorable decorations for winter.

You can also make a twig wreath and add ornaments or make a fun pinwheel and noise maker wreath for the new year.

A bundle of inexpensive snowflake ornaments and a foam wreath form the basis for a cool, illuminated snowflake shape.

Shower curtain rings, shiny pipe cleaners, fake greens, bows, and hot glue from dollar stores can become a base for tiny cute wreath jewelry.

Faux green and floral wreaths for spring and summer

Succulents are everyone's love, and you can buy some faux wreaths from dollar stores and a wreath shape of your choice and create a cool faux succulent wreath for door decoration that is always on trend.

Another idea that is super topical for spring is an artificial flower wreath. Buy a bunch of fake flowers of your choice from a dollar store: tulips, roses, or others and pin them to completely cover the wreath shape to make them look much more romantic.

When you have fresh flowers and greenery available, use them to decorate a wreath from a dollar store and enjoy your beautiful decor!

Fall Dollar Store Wreaths

An autumn wreath can be made using fake pumpkins, gourds, and leaves from a dollar store. Here the combination is up to you: you can just take leaves or mix them all and attach them to the wreath.

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