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rustic easter decor ideas

rustic easter decor ideas

Rustic decor is popular all year round, on holidays, and at events including weddings, and of course there’s no more natural style than rustic style at Easter. Rustic style makes everything cozier and more relaxed. If you want, you can take some inspiration from the ideas I have prepared for you below. Let’s look at that.


A wreath is a traditional decoration for many holidays, seasons, and occasions, and of course Easter is no exception. Make a rustic Easter wreath out of grapevines, speckled eggs, moss, fake rabbits and birds, twigs, willow, and other things. Add artificial carrots and artificial nests to the wreath or make it entirely from artificial eggs. Try different items that you like.

Wall art pieces

Wall art pieces are also popular for holiday decorations. Rustic signs, burlap wall art with moss, vintage mugs with hay and speckled eggs, and vintage frames with artificial nests are great for decorating for Easter.

Exterior decor

Rustic wooden disc bunnies, baskets with moss and chicks, string and wine carrots in baskets are just the thing for outdoor decoration. You can also make wire baskets with burlap and fake eggs for an industrial and rustic feel.

Other ideas

Baskets of moss, willow, onions are amazing for Easter. You can build your own nests with artificial eggs, egg displays on stands, and moss. Cover a wooden cupcake stand with moss, candles, and colored eggs.

I love modern and minimalist decor, so I'll keep inspiring you with more and more DIYs that will add a contemporary feel to your home. Today we're discussing acrylic shelves, holders, and caddies that can be used all over your home, adding a bold and edgy touch to it. Such items look ethereal and appear to be floating in the air - what a great idea for a modern space!


This bathroom shelf is a great idea to give your room an airy feel: it is partly plain and seems to disappear into the air. Isn't that what we need for a small space? The piece is made from clear acrylic, wooden shelves, and a metal towel rail. It easily fits into many rooms and styles and can accommodate many things. It's a perfect element for a modern bathroom!

If you have a lot of potted plants and no windowsill, or are planning to start an entire vegetable and herb garden, this craft is exactly what you need! These are window floors made of clear acrylic, which is a great advantage: this material does not prevent natural light from entering the room from the window. They look very light and airy, but they are stable and comfortable.

Here is another project using clear acrylic window shelves, but it's easier than the previous one because this is where you learn how to attach ready-made shelves to the window. The shelves are thin and see-through but contain all of the pots and other items that you can conveniently place. You can also add a glitter touch or washi tape to the edge of the shelves.

Add a contemporary flair to your space with a clear acrylic shelf and some plywood that makes a comfortable shelf. The sides of the shelf are made of acrylic, and the shelves are made of white lacquered laminate, which makes this shelf a universal item for many rooms in all colors and shades.

These chic Lucite shelves are great for many rooms. They are decorated around the edges with gold washi tape and hung on ropes to give them a beachy feel. This way the shelf doesn't look so airy, although with gold ribbon it adds a glamorous touch and fits in a coastal or rustic room.


Get a list of clear acrylic and some wood and make a cool modern caddy for your bathroom! This little piece can hold shampoos, soaps, towels, and other items that you may need. The main advantage of such a caddy is that it is almost invisible and fits into most rooms of various colors and shades.

An armrest caddy is a popular part to add comfort to your living room and place a drink with comfort - no end table required! Such an acrylic caddy is a perfect piece for a modern space, although it can easily fit many others as well. Not only can it hold a drink or a device, it can also hold some books and magazines in the compartment down there.

This bathroom tray or caddy is made of clear acrylic and PVC window ledges and brass handles. Such a tray, in addition to a bathroom, can also be used in different rooms: in a living room, home office, kitchen or any other, it is 100% universal. I love the idea of ​​adding elegant brass handles to the tray that make it more glamorous and sophisticated.

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