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rustic christmas table decor ideas

rustic christmas table decor ideas

The rustic style is very popular for decorating cozy family celebrations and especially for Christmas. Decorate your Christmas party in a rustic style: add pine cones, evergreen plants, berries and wooden discs to give your home a cozy and comfortable touch.

Rustic Christmas centerpieces and table runners

Center pieces and table runners form the table landscape. Choose them or design them with special attention to detail. With table runners, you can try evergreen branches, real or artificial, pine cones, candles, berries and maybe add ornaments. If you live in a southern region, why not create a eucalyptus table runner? Centerpieces can be different: a bold piece of wood or a wooden board, a basket or a wooden disc with something really rustic: pine cones, evergreen plants, ornaments, berries, tangerines, nuts and artificial snow. Grow some onions, cover with moss and pine cones, add candle lanterns for a cozy touch. Put candles everywhere to make the table setting more intimate.

Rustic Christmas table settings

Create each place setting with wooden discs or bark instead of placemats, add pine cones as card holders, and decorate the place setting with berries and mini wreaths. Napkins can be covered with cinnamon sticks and pine cones, with evergreen plants and ornaments. To make it even more cozy, you can use checkered napkins or placemats.

The geometric decor is amazing and chic! It's common everywhere, including at various events, and baby showers are no exception. The geometric decor can be used for modern showers, vintage showers, boho showers and other showers, as well as for boys and girls parties. Let's take a look at how to include them.


Colorful geogarlands can easily be made by yourself and you can decorate the entire room with them: hang them as a dessert table backdrop over the entrance and in any other place you want. These are usually triangles, but you can make any shapes and colors.


Create beautiful backdrops from brightly colored geoforms - hexagons, triangles, squares, etc. You can make each piece colorful and even incorporate flowers for a girls party.

Pendants and table decorations

Over the table pendants are a chic, modern idea, and you can make them yourself out of paper, cardboard, and metal too. They can be sized or just frames with fresh greens and flowers. They are sure to make your decor special, and as with table decorations, place plates and placemats in geoform.


A cake and cupcakes can be a nice part of the decor: make geo, decorate with geodetails and toppers and enjoy!

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