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reupholster repaint stool

reupholster repaint stool

If you have an old stool and want to reupholster it, here is a tutorial! Prepare an old stool / chair, cloth, screwdriver, scissors, sewing machine and thread, stapler, pencil, and paint. The first step is to unscrew the seat from the base. Make sure you keep the screws safe until we end up using them. If your chair needs repainting, this is the time to do it. Start by washing it off, sanding it, applying a primer, and then applying a few coats of paint. To re-upholster the seat, first remove the old fabric. Usually the fabric is pinned to the underside of the seat, so you will need a flathead screwdriver or similar tool to get these staples out. Continue reading the tutorial in the source.

Do you remember us telling you about cool office chair makeovers? Here is one of those revisions in detail. Take an office chair you like and before putting the base and wheels on, spray the silver legs and top of the wheels in gold (use a primer on the metal first). However, leave the shaft that goes into the base of the chair alone. Buy two yards of this lovely faux fur to retrieve the chair and drape it over the chair (fur side down) with the excess fabric hanging over the front. Make two large gatherings of fabric on the back (evenly spaced) until the fabric is snug. Continue reading the tutorial in the source.

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