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refined home decor vintage gallery walls ideas

refined home decor vintage gallery walls ideas

Vintage and retro decor is very popular, it is sophisticated, beautiful and this decor will charm you with adorable details and details. Having decided to decorate your home in such a style, you may need a lot of original and eye-catching details that will help you create an atmosphere. Vintage door handles, furniture, accessories, and wall art are must-have items, and you can achieve that vintage effect by creating a gorgeous gallery wall. This is more of a modern and trendy decorating idea, but you can do it in a vintage style.

Vintage gallery walls are suitable for any type of room – from the bathroom to the home office, these can be small compositions or entire walls; You can easily add that special vintage charm to it. All you need is a couple of vintage picture frames to display whatever you want – shots, pictures, wall art, and maybe accessories; Go to your grandmother’s house and look for old frames. If they don’t look good, you can renovate them, give them a finish, or give them a shabby chic touch. Mix them all up in a stylish way to get the effect you want. The frames can be the same size, color and style, or they can be completely different, a nice mix of retro frames. You can view the same things – recordings or images – or create your own mix. Hang them up in a beautiful way and create cool clusters. Do not form regular rows, as the charm lies in this imperfection.

Check out the ideas below for inspiration and rocking vintage frames and artwork in your interior.

Shabby Chic is a style of decoration that was created in 1980 by Rachel Ashwell, who found charm and beauty at the flea market and restored it. She started giving modern ordinary objects a weathered and aged look to give them that charming look. We keep sharing ideas for those of you who are enchanted by this style and want to recreate it at home. Today we're going to look at how to create a dining room or dining area in a shabby chic style. It's not as difficult as you might think. The basic principles of decor are the same as for any other shabby chic room. Let's look at them.

Go neutrals and pastels

Shabby chic builds on a white background, but there are plenty of shades of white to work with. As for dining areas, usually everyone prefers to work all in white with just a hint of flowers or cream tones. Mixing lighter whites with aged whites is fine. You can add pastel colors - dusty, muted, and light blue, pink, sage green, cream, buttermilk, and any other shades you want to create a look you want.

Textures and layers

Textures and layers will make your shabby dining room interesting and eye-catching, not plain and boring. Layer weathered or aged furniture and rustic materials with ornate accents and rich, delicate fabrics. Use shabby chic metal with a vintage feel. Incorporate lace, floral textiles, add crystal chandeliers or lamps for a French landscape feel.

Combine shabby chic furniture

Gather all of your flea market items, old found objects and other things and give them a new life according to the shabby chic interior you want to get. Try to figure out the look before doing this in order to properly combine the furniture. Use whitewashing, aging, and weathering techniques. Tinkering some furniture and other items yourself will give you a cheap look.

Find the right shabby chic accessories

Shabby chic is all about accessories. So choose them carefully to suit your ambience. If you can't find one, just search for tutorials on the internet and do whatever you like with old things. Wall art pieces, statuettes, fabric art, lamps, and other things can be easily hacked or renovated to match the shabby chic style. Enjoy the ideas we came up with to inspire you and create your own charming shabby chic dining room!

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