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refined home decor vintage gallery walls ideas

refined home decor vintage gallery walls ideas

Vintage and retro decor is very popular, it is sophisticated, beautiful and this decor will charm you with adorable details and details. Having decided to decorate your home in such a style, you may need a lot of original and eye-catching details that will help you create an atmosphere. Vintage door handles, furniture, accessories, and wall art are must-have items, and you can achieve that vintage effect by creating a gorgeous gallery wall. This is more of a modern and trendy decorating idea, but you can do it in a vintage style.

Vintage gallery walls are suitable for any type of room – from the bathroom to the home office, these can be small compositions or entire walls; You can easily add that special vintage charm to it. All you need is a couple of vintage picture frames to display whatever you want – shots, pictures, wall art, and maybe accessories; Go to your grandmother’s house and look for old frames. If they don’t look good, you can renovate them, give them a finish, or give them a shabby chic touch. Mix them all up in a stylish way to get the effect you want. The frames can be the same size, color and style, or they can be completely different, a nice mix of retro frames. You can view the same things – recordings or images – or create your own mix. Hang them up in a beautiful way and create cool clusters. Do not form regular rows, as the charm lies in this imperfection.

Check out the ideas below for inspiration and rocking vintage frames and artwork in your interior.

Summer is in full swing and I hope you enjoy it as much as we do! This is a season of beach vacations, picnics, pools and, of course, the tastiest and juiciest berries and fruits. If you want to enjoy them all, I have a great idea - make a summer cake! Embrace the season and bake it with the fresh fruits and berries you like and make your family and friends happy. Here are some of the coolest recipes we've found on the internet.

This heavenly strawberry and vanilla mousse cake is a light version of strawberry, vanilla and chocolate ice cream with a mint hint that gives this trio a fresh finish. The dark chocolate base is not dominant in this cake. However, it has a strong and awakening effect, like a chocolate coating on your ice cream, which blends perfectly with the rest of the flavors, adding character and depth to them. The vanilla mousse is sweet, creamy and delicate. It's so easy that it's almost like eating clouds - it never fills you up, it makes you want more. The strawberry mousse layer is not the highest, but it brings the dominant taste of sour, fresh and juicy fruits.

This simple strawberry cake recipe contains nearly 2 pounds of fresh summer strawberries. The cake has a soft, slightly sweet and moist crumb with a strawberry flavor with every bite. It wins in every way: simple ingredients, easy to prepare, perfect for entertainment and absolutely delicious. This is a people friendly dessert, but it's disappearing quickly!

Like cherries? Then you will also like this cheesecake with cherries and oranges! The acidity of the sour cherry layer contrasts perfectly with the heaviness of the cheese layer. Decorated with a little extra cherry, this cheesecake is a good candidate for a festive cake, for example a birthday cake. It gets such a refined taste while not being too sweet.

The strawberry cloud crepe cake is light and refreshing. The fresh strawberries are mixed with a little honey and lemon juice and marinated in the refrigerator so that the juices can come out. The whipped cream is seasoned with a little honey and vanilla. It's really easy to layer the three components, which in multiple layers results in a pretty impressive looking cake!

This apricot, hazelnut, and dark chocolate cake is topped with rich dark chocolate and hot, fresh apricots and is filled with toasted hazelnut pieces to give it a satisfying crunch. Simple enough to make relatively easy, this cake is probably pretty enough for a birthday or special gathering if you cover it with a bunch of different bits and bobs.

This no-bake cheesecake with three berries and amaretti crust is a heavenly dessert for any summer day! The best thing about this cheesecake is that it isn't baked - in the summer it's hot and humid, a lot of us don't want to cook or bake. Another plus is that the cheesecake filling is incredibly light - don't we all need that for summer?

This is the recipe for an incredibly delicious summer dessert - not a Charlotte cake with fresh strawberries and mango. It is based on Savoiardi biscuits soaked in orange liqueur. Inside there are two types of delicious fillings - from a delicate almond cream with strawberries and a light mascarpone cream with mango.

With fresh fruit on hand, you can make this incredibly easy summer berry cobbler cake. All it takes is some fruit, sugar, flour, salt, baking powder, almond milk, vanilla and butter. Here you see strawberries and blueberries, but you can actually choose any fruit combination.

My berry smoothie yogurt cake is the ultimate answer to summer, full of amazing ingredients, vegan, gluten free and just a dream to eat. It's refreshing to prepare in a blender, no bowl required, summery, incredibly creamy without oil, satisfying, drool-worthy, colorful, fruity, delicious and the best dessert combination ever.

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