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refined home decor vintage gallery walls ideas

refined home decor vintage gallery walls ideas

refined home decor vintage gallery walls ideas

Vintage and retro decor is very popular, it is sophisticated, beautiful and this decor will charm you with adorable details and details. Having decided to decorate your home in such a style, you may need a lot of original and eye-catching details that will help you create an atmosphere. Vintage door handles, furniture, accessories, and wall art are must-have items, and you can achieve that vintage effect by creating a gorgeous gallery wall. This is more of a modern and trendy decorating idea, but you can do it in a vintage style. Vintage gallery walls are suitable for any type of room - from the bathroom to the home office, these can be small compositions or entire walls; You can easily add that special vintage charm to it. All you need is a couple of vintage picture frames to display whatever you want - shots, pictures, wall art, and maybe accessories; Go to your grandmother's house and look for old frames. If they don't look good, you can renovate them, give them a finish, or give them a shabby chic touch. Mix them all up in a stylish way to get the effect you want. The frames can be the same size, color and style, or they can be completely different, a nice mix of retro frames. You can view the same things - recordings or images - or create your own mix. Hang them up in a beautiful way and create cool clusters. Do not form regular rows, as the charm lies in this imperfection. Check out the ideas below for inspiration and rocking vintage frames and artwork in your interior.

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