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radiator shelf ideas

radiator shelf ideas

Most of us hide radiators, especially in the warm season. Don’t you want to hide your radiator? It’s a good idea to hug it and use the space above it as much as possible to reduce the heat loss that occurs with screens and covers.

A top of a radiator can be the perfect place for a shelf. When a piece of wood or stone is placed on top of it, a bulky radiator becomes a practical side table or bookcase. If you use wood, be aware that it may warp over time.

Such a shelf can be placed directly above the cooler and attached to it with some brackets or other consumables. Another idea is to mount this shelf on the wall above your radiator. As a result, the items placed on the shelf are safely stored and do not heat up. This is a good idea when placing planters on top. I also love floating shelves over the radiators, they look amazing.

This shelf can be used to display your decorations and accessories, as a plant stand, or as a kitten bed if you have a pet – cats love warm places. If you live in a small space, then such a radiator shelf is essential – you can use it as a holder for various consumables – dishes and dishes, bathroom accessories, books and other things. If you don’t have window sills, this shelf will work as one. You can use such a long window shelf as a countertop or even a seat if it’s sturdy enough.

A cooler shelf with a cool design and interesting things to do is a great way to take attention away from the cooler itself. Nobody will notice.

Floating shelves are very popular because they are airy and don't make your space look bulky. They are cool for all types of spaces: kitchens, pantries, bathrooms, bedrooms, closets, and living rooms. Open shelves are a cool and practical way to store your things and display them at their best. You can also make a thick shelf with secret storage space to hide your treasures. It can be corner pieces, tight ones to highlight some pictures, you can use them as staircase decor and as an entrance area. Most are usually attached to the walls to make them stable, but today I want to share a tutorial from placeofmytaste.com and it's about a hanging floating shelf.

You will need a round wooden plate, scissors and a piece of thread. Cut about 50, 3.5 meter pieces of yarn. Tie a knot in the middle. It will be the centerpiece of the hanger. Divide your yarn into four equal sections. Then divide each part into two sections and twist them together. You can also separate your sections into three parts and braid the parts together. Hang your piece up somewhere. Tie a knot about 4 cm below the top. As the final step, tie a knot at the bottom. Slip on your wooden plate.

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