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r/bulletjournal – my first bullet journal, and my first month cover page! diy citrus crafts

r/bulletjournal – my first bullet journal, and my first month cover page! diy citrus crafts

diy citrus crafts

Summer is the time of fruits and berries of all kinds, from pineapples to blueberries. Not only can you cook with them to enjoy the time of year, but you can also incorporate them into your decor. Today I want to offer you to add citrus decorations and even a citrus scent for a happy summer feeling - fresh summer and tropical potpourris are included!

Orange peel lights make beautiful handmade table tops. Their natural sheen and subtle scent create a mood when the sun goes down. Bring them to your garden or patio to enjoy the light and scents.

Orange coasters are cool for summer! You can easily make them from birch slices and imagine how cute a set of lemons, oranges, and limes would be. If you wish, you can cut out a felt circle and attach it to the floor with craft glue to create a smooth, soft surface between your drink and the table.

This fun photo features some of my favorites: grapefruit, orange, lemon, lime, cucumber, jalapeño, and mint. It's fresh, summery, and if you stare at it for a few seconds too long you can completely forget that it's even fruit! With the bright, natural colors and the foodie theme, this piece of art is the perfect addition to the decor in your kitchen and dining room.

These DIY citrus ice buckets are easy to use but make a huge impact on any party. Choose your favorite citrus fruits to cut and create a cool party piece. Keep your drinks cold in a chic way.

It's warm enough now. Shady tables become our dining rooms. The sun lingers, the toes reunite with the grass, honey bees float. With these simple lemon halves we can bring the golden glow of a summer sun into our homes. It won't take much time or effort.

We present jewelry with citrus slices! These brightly colored discs are the perfect way to showcase cupcake erasers, china cranes, tiny cones, and your favorite hot dog earrings. They easily bring a cool summer mood to your room.

Here's some fruity goodness for you! These brightly colored citrus slice magnets are made of air-dry clay. You will make them easily and will brighten up your kitchen or magnetic board wherever it is. You can make these cuties with your kids so give them a call to share an experience.

A couple of cork coasters can be turned into a delicious fruit salad. They add the perfect pop of color and summer fun to the patio table while grilling, and the best part is that they are a breeze!

Bring fresh summer scents into your home with this homemade tropical summer potpourri made from lemons, strawberries and coconut extract. All the ingredients in this summer potpourri come together to create a sweet, fresh mixture that will perfume your whole house in the lightest and most refreshing way possible. It's as close as a tropical vacation with no sunburn and sand in your bathing suit.

Simmering potpourris are always popular in fall and winter, but here's one for summer. It's easy to whip up and super affordable. Also, it can be used a few times. The best part? It will make you think that you are on an island vacation!

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