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qumi qumi paper dolls craft

qumi qumi paper dolls craft

The best way to stop your kids from watching cartoons is to make a cartoon yourself. You don’t need anything complex, just glue, scissors and lots of colored paper. I am sure that doing puppet shows with funny Qumi-Qumi characters and making up your own exciting story will be no less interesting than watching cartoons on the screen. Have fun with Yusi and her funny friends from the bright world of Qumi-Qumi! You need a lot of colored paper and card stock, but the craft is worth it!

Step by step funny Qumi-Qumi paper doll craft

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Video shows how to make funny Qumi-Qumi paper dolls

IKEA is the most popular furniture brand that surprises us again and again with stylish and timeless designs that fit into any room. But most of them are a bit plain and empty. If you want to show the personality and highlight your style, you have to hack it. Today we are discussing IKEA bedside tables - their hacks and various IKEA items turned into stylish bedside tables, get inspired!

IKEA Nightstand Hacks

Take a regular and empty IKEA bedside table and chop it to match your space! One of the most popular products is the IKEA Tarva bedside table, which can be hacked with paint, stains, different buttons and handles, and can even achieve a contrasting look with a different drawer. Hack IKEA Hemnes, Nordli, Nesna and other bedside tables with stencils, paint, contact paper, new handles, etc. - it all depends on your space.

IKEA items in bedside tables

Other items that you can hack to make a bedside table can be IKEA Rast dressers, Malm dressers, IKEA Kallax shelves, IKEA Knagglig boxes, IKEA Molger benches, and much more. The good thing about all of these items is that they give you storage space - open or closed, and this is a huge benefit. You can hack them in thousands of different ways: paint, stencil, cover with contact paper, add and remove wallpaper, handles, buttons and rollers. With dressers, you can remove one or more drawers to make your piece easier to use. Look for different tutorials on the internet and get inspired!

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