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purple lilac bedroom decor ideas

purple lilac bedroom decor ideas

Purple and all its hues are a very unexpected choice for interior decoration. You don’t get hit often. If you want something out of the ordinary and out of the ordinary, this is a perfect idea. Dark purples are dramatic and should only be used as a secondary to add depth or you will get a melancholy look otherwise. Lighter shades give the room a relaxing feeling, but without being too cold. So, using them for a bedroom is a great idea and I’m ready to share some options!

Purple / lilac walls

The most popular way to incorporate a color into a room is to rock an accent wall. Such an idea never goes out of style. It can be a headboard or other wall, or you can go for purple walls – all of them. Remember that dark purple walls make the room moody, and lighter shades of color make it playful and romantic.

Different decor

If you are unsure about whether to add lots of lavender or lavender to your bedroom decor, there are easier ways to do so so that you can easily change your decor. This is usually furniture and accessories in a desired color that can be changed at any time. Rock a purple bed, stool, bench, even sofa, choose purple artwork, and of course, textiles – bedding and curtains. If you have a monochrome black and white or neutral room, you can easily freshen it up with purple textiles or with lavender and lavender textiles and not change anything else. Enjoy!

An upholstered headboard is a great solution for any bedroom - adult or child, female or male, glamorous or industrial. It's convenient, easy to maintain, and you can make it yourself and renovate it if necessary. There are different types of upholstered headboards to choose from. Let's look at them.

Oversized and tall padded headboards

I want to start with the hottest trend in bedroom decor: oversized headboards. Just like oversized murals, they make a statement and almost become one, especially if you go for bold or patterned fabric. An oversized headboard on the ceilings looks luxurious and turns your bed into a comfortable sleeping area. A high headboard is another cool alternative to an oversized and no less chic.

Padded headboards with nail cladding

No matter which fabric you choose, frames, shapes and other things, you can always highlight your upholstered headboard with a nail trim. If you make it yourself or just bought it, just add decorative nails at the end to create patterns or make the edge stand out.

Wingback padded headboards

Wingbacks are a cool and cute detail that gives the impression that you have a separate comfortable sleeping area. You can use these wings for lights or also and decorate them with nail head trimmings.

Framed upholstered headboards

This is a great idea, especially for vintage and shabby chic bedrooms. Choose or design an antique frame for your headboard for a cool look. There are also modern metal-framed and mirror-framed headboards that look gorgeous and add a slight metallic accent.

There are more cool padded headboards out there, see below.

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