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princess party decor ideas

princess party decor ideas

Have a daughter? Then choosing a theme for your girl’s party is no problem, rock princess theme! All little girls love to feel like princesses and you can easily make your daughter feel like they are hosting such a party.

Princess party decor

Pink is your best friend when decorating for a princess-style party. Use the different shades to decorate the entrance, rooms, tables and other things. Make cute centerpieces out of glitter sticks and pink pom poms or gold candle holders and silk roses. Pink and fuchsia balloons and balloon arches are perfect for such a party decoration. Use glitter crowns, for example, make a pink pompom and cover it with a glitter crown. It can serve as a great centerpiece. Pink and glitter monograms are great decorations, and you can spice up pink plastic cutlery with stick-on beads and gems.

Princess party goodies

Rock everything pink! Popcorn, marshmallows, candy, pops, fruits and berries and all kinds of desserts. Order a fantastic Disney castle cake for your girl and her friends, make marshmallow pops, and pink popcorn can be put in paper cups for treats or favors. Pink candies in tiara jars can be great favors.

St Patrick's Day is next month. Whether you are Irish, of Irish origin or just love this vacation, you can decorate your home for this, especially if you are planning a party. Today's round-up will help you choose a cool decor for your front door. Not only are these common wreaths, but much cooler ideas too.

St Patrick's Day Wreaths

We start with wreaths: they can be made from any material you have on hand! Burlap, yarn, balls of yarn, fresh or fake greens and flowers, pom-poms, clothespins, and a lot more - you can literally use anything you want. If you are into crochet, crochet a whole wreath with a bunting, gold coins, and a pot of gold. There are tons of ideas for you to try, choose what you like best, and tinker!

Other decorating ideas

Decorating the front door is not always about wreaths, but about a coat hanger with a different look. A shamrock made of fabric or fresh boxwood, a moss-high hat with a shamrock, a linen sack with gold - and attach a few coins to the door as if they were falling. You can even add a horseshoe with green ribbon to keep your door and home happy!

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