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pressed flower diys

pressed flower diys

It is the last month of spring and summer and there are many flowers and herbs. You can select some of them, press and use them to create cool summer home decor. Do you need ideas and DIYs? Here you are!

Works of art

Pressed flowers are great for creating works of art in spring and summer, although such pieces are topical all year round to remind you of summer. For this craft you will need a cute flower with roots and two glass frames to put the flower in between. The resulting piece looks modern and very creative as it contains roots. Find out the details about this craft and make a cool piece of art for your mom or any other girl – it’s amazing for everyone!

These pressed floral art pieces look very chic and sophisticated. They were made with an old phone book, some frames, herbs and flowers. I absolutely love the way the frames look and accentuate the flowers and herbs – create your own beautiful combinations to give your home a summery feel.

I totally love this modern and bold piece of art! It’s a black piece with the word “hello” completely covered with pressed flowers and herbs. Do you see that little juicy point? So cool! Choose the brightest flowers you have as they will create contrast and be clearly visible in the black background.

This gorgeous hanging glass frame became the base for this home decor craft. The idea is to buy the same frames that look like this and then fill them with delicate flowers and herbs. Then hang these frames on the wall to create a fantastic summer arrangement. Wow, they are sure to give your room a sophisticated summer feeling!

Would you like to give your room a summery yet very modern ambience? Make and arrange these pressed flower presentations. You will need clear acrylic, wood blocks, and mirror clips. Two types of displays are given in the tutorial. Check out how to make these amazing pressed flower displays and make the room summery!

This pressed flower art looks totally vintage thanks to the unique frame and the parchment used. The whole idea of ​​the craft is roughly the same: press flowers, attach them to parchment and frame the whole piece. Choose a nice and chic frame to make the artwork even more beautiful!

Here is a very simple piece of art with pressed flowers. It looks cute and casual thanks to the simple kraft paper and some cherry blossoms. The frame is also very neutral so the flowers could be a centerpiece here. Get inspired!

The last work of art for today is a shadow box with pressed flowers, which thanks to the position in the box look like a flutter in the air. Such an art is sure to prevent the flowers from being eaten by your pets. What a great idea! It can also save your children (or children from these flowers) and it guarantees that your flowers will not fade from direct sunlight as quickly. Get inspired!

Trays and serving dishes

Create a beautiful summer-inspired tray with pressed flowers, petals and herbs! Choose the most neutral tray you can find to highlight the brightly colored petals as much as possible and cover them all with epoxy. So cool, fresh and summery!

Here is another pressed flower tray, but it’s uncoupled and has cool petal patterns on it. Decoupage them very well to make sure the petals are well attached. Create all the patterns and looks you like and enjoy!

Serve food on these amazing serving dishes made with pressed flowers! Take a few simple dishes and plates and attach dried and pressed flowers and herbs to them. Epoxy resin guarantees the safety of the patterns and looks you create. Your food will look more stunning on such trays and dishes. Impressive!

These glasses and decanters make your home bar very delicate and exquisite and are sure to surprise your guests. The idea is to pin these flowers and herbs to the bottom of the entire set, create unique combinations, and search for each jar!


In this tutorial you will learn how to turn a normal pillar candle into a romantic summer candle. There are instructions on how to attach pressed flowers to the candle. Read how you can quickly make such candles and give them away or indulge yourself with summer aromas!

These candles are meant to be made by you from start to finish. Read how to make simple mason jar candles with lavender on the inside and how to attach lavender on the outside too. A nice gift for everyone and wonderful summer fragrances!

Other ideas

Pamper yourself with a beautiful bouquet of flowers! With flowers pressed right away, you can easily conjure up these magical beauties and hang them up anywhere you want to spice up the room and make it more summery. Read on to find out how to make these gorgeous sun catchers and how to buy some in any room you like.

State works of art have become very popular: everyone wants to show that special place they come from, where they lived or studied, where they met a love and so on. If you also want a state-inspired piece of art for your home, I have a number of ideas for you!

Many of us move to other countries to study, work, or for other reasons. This DIY wall art will show you the states you've lived in, the places you miss. This is a beautiful piece of table art with an outline of your state and a heart in the city you lived in - you can create several to make more places stand out!

This is a colorful watercolor tutorial video with tips on how to transfer the state shape onto your paper with a light pad! This tutorial will show you how to paint Minnesota with watercolors that are so trendy right now. Of course, you can switch to any other state you like, feel free to change your own state and paint.

This is a cool and chic heart condition card! These are two cities in Idaho, but if you want to create one with two different states, you can too. Just follow the super simple instructions to make it and if you want you can add a pop of color to the cards. These are monochrome.

If you love embroidery and are missing a state, this is an easy project to celebrate your home state with: State Love, Embroidery For Beginners. The result is a colorfully embroidered piece of art with a satin stitch that blocks the color - a hot trend in decor. Use any colors and also leave the part in the frame and hang it on the wall. Enjoy!

Do you have state pride? The author of this tutorial was born and raised in Wisconsin. The family calls this state their home and the author is definitely proud of the state. The author chose to decorate a wood cutout and create this outstanding geometric wood statecraft to celebrate this state. This Wisconsin goes perfectly with many types of decor. It looks great on the coat and could be part of a gallery wall too. You can also personalize it with your own colors if these aren't the best for your interior.

There are many ways to create state map decorations. In this tutorial, we will teach you how to do this with a wooden pallet. Such a decor goes well with many styles and decorations, especially rustic and industrial rooms, but of course you can add a cozy feeling to any other room. The resulting piece will be stained, although you can paint it too.

This project is amazingly simple and will add a personal touch to your room. It's totally for those who love glamor and all pink, although you can personalize it by changing the colors. This is a lovely piece of art that can be hung on the wall or placed on a mantelpiece. Let yourself be inspired!

State string art makes a great gift and fun adult craft project. This one has a green and gold color scheme, it's a bold and chic combination with lots of contrast. However, stained wood and white cord are popular choices in such projects. Choose what you want and praise your condition!

This is a catchy Maryland piece of art! The piece is cut out of plywood and shows all the symbols of the state: crabs, Berger biscuits, Ocean City, the MD flag, the hippodrome. All local festivals. And a lot of other things to include in the piece. Get inspired!

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