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practical bag storage ideas

practical bag storage ideas

We’ve already shared some very creative bag storage ideas with you. Although we still want to share more because everyone has a couple of bags at home that are usually not well organized. There are many ways to organize them, including hanging them on doors, creating special compartments for them in your closet, and even using them as wall decorations. Check out these ideas and let us know how to store your bags.

Cupboards and drawers

If you have enough space, I highly recommend showing off your perfect bags (and maybe shoes!) At their best. Take a large or not very large open rack or closet and display all of your bags. Put them in your bedroom or closet. A glass cabinet makes your bags and shoes part of the decor and gives it a sophisticated touch.

Organizer and owner

Different organizers are a good idea for small bags and clutches – you can buy some mesh or wire organizers for files and papers, or make simple ones from common boxes and colored paper and keep your bags tidy. As for brackets – there are special fabrics made of fabric or acrylic that hang in your closet so you don’t waste a lot of space, and you can also attach vertical metal brackets with hooks to the closet doors – they provide plenty of room for your bags without being too flashy do.

Hooks and hangers

Hook, hook, hook! This is a timeless idea for any type of bag that has a handle or a loop. Hooks can go anywhere, and you can hang them in your closet and voila too – lots of bags are kept tidy and close at hand! Various types of hangers provide space for your shoulder bags and tote bags so that everything is organized. Get inspired!

We just shared some cool wall wall basket ideas and today I want to share some more cool wall decor ideas and these are plates. Decorative plates have even more potential than baskets because they are usually painted and you can use them to create different combinations. They can be arranged symmetrically or asymmetrically, on one wall or on two that come from one to the other. If you think plates will only fit in a kitchen or dining room, you are mistaken. Decorative plates can be a good idea for almost any room. Let's look at that.

Kitchens and dining areas

Plates are very traditional for kitchens and dining areas for a reason - these are plates. Above the dining area or on a kitchen wall, you can rock mismatched vintage or floral patterns. Various colorful plates are sure to make a statement on a neutral or dark wall. The colors can correspond to the color scheme of the kitchen or the mismatch. If you want a modern look on a wall of plates, cut the plates very clearly and take them in matching colors, it will be a great decoration!

Other rooms

Other rooms can include living rooms, entry areas, and even bedrooms. Flowery and matching plates, also in different sizes, give a vintage or an elegant feel. Colorful hand-painted and mismatched are for a modern or eclectic space. In fact, plates can be arranged for any living style, from boho to minimalist. The point is how you rock the colors and sizes. Get inspired!

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