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small mudroom ideas

Popular small mudroom ideas

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Most of us have small mudrooms and entrances. It is quite difficult to properly decorate them to accommodate everything you need and make it look good. Let's look at some tips and examples to turn your mudroom into a stylish one and store whatever you want.

Choose light colors and shades

Remember: the darker the room, the smaller it looks. In addition, light colors reflect the light. So if you have a tiny mud room, there is no need to paint it dark hues. Keep it white, neutral, or pastel colors and you'll love the result.

Built-in solutions

Sitting plays an important role in a dirty room and encourages guests to sit down and take off dirty shoes. Choose a built-in bench and also use it for storage by putting boots underneath or to place items that you can grab when exiting the door. You can also build in some cabinets.

Storage benches

A storage bench is a must for any mud room I think. There are storage benches with compartments and drawers to hide your hoses, umbrellas, and other things. You can always use the top to leave your bag or keys.

Cabinet solutions

Tall cupboards make optimal use of even the smallest hallway space. There is plenty of space in the closets for children to store coats and scarves. The cabinet door neatly hides everything from view and your entrance area looks clear, which at least optically maximizes the space.

Open the store

Open corners and shelves allow instant access to anything stored in a mud room. They are perfect for small spaces as they don't look bulky, provide the storage space you need, and make all of your items part of the decor.

Pegged storage

Using wall pins is a way to organize outerwear or anything else you want. Just clip pegboards where you want them, decorate them somehow, paint or print them, and attach shelves, hooks and anything else you need for storage.

Maximize the light

Mudrooms often have no light so you should maximize it to see everything you need. Plus, well-lit rooms look bigger, so light every corner. Use wall and pendant lights to save that precious space, or opt for several smart floor solutions.

In conclusion, I want to say that you can really create a functional and stylish dirty room and store all the necessary things. Use as little space as possible with a few simple solutions, combine breadboards with open shelves, a storage bench with built-in cabinets and your mudroom is functional.

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