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Popular diy closet organizers

Popular diy closet organizers

diy closet organizers

Everyone has a closet - a walk-in or a small corner or a wardrobe or a closet, it doesn't matter. Organization is important to make finding clothes and shoes easier and in order. In addition to simple shelves and holders, you can make some useful accessories that will help you organize the space. Let's see what you can DIY.

If you have a lot of pants, you can make a sliding pants rack to keep them tidy and save space. This is an IKEA trouser hanger that has been reassembled and reattached according to the dimensions of the wardrobe.

Ordinary boxes can get colorful and bold and are perfect for storing all kinds of things, from hats to shoes, if you cover them with fabric or patterned paper. The materials and colors are up to you and choose boxes of the required size.

This simple scarf holder is easy to manufacture. Simply clip the IKEA Fintorp rail where you need it and simply drape your scarves and pashminas there.

In need of a simple shoe organizer? Get some cardboard and give each piece a triangular shape. Then put your shoes in these improvised compartments. They are easy to stack and store wherever you want.

A trouser hanger and shower curtain hook can easily be transformed into a cool scarf holder. The tutorial is simple: just glue the shower curtain hooks together and on the hanger, paint them however you want, and hang or drape the scarves.

Do you have a lot of heels? Simply organize them by adding or placing a piece of mesh somewhere in your closet. Then just put your heels on them and they'll be held in place.

Using fabric ribbons and curtain hooks, you can make a couple of hangers for everything - scarves, belts, tights, and other things and accessories.

Breadboards are perfect for storage of any kind and can be used for this men's accessories storage board. Hangers, hooks and metal cubes can be attached to this framed breadboard. You can cover it with fabric for a cuter look.

Do you have a lot of watches? Make a few rolls covered with fabric, then hang them up wherever you want. Put your watches on these reels and voila!

Baseball caps can be held in place with bulldog clips and wooden boards. The idea is simple: clip clips to the boards and then to the boards where you want them and easily organize your caps.

To keep your tights clean, just use wooden clothespins. Get your glue gun and stick the pegs on the cabinet or wall. Open them and tuck the tights into the pins.

A large accessory hook can not only hold belts or scarves, but is also great for tops and bags with spaghetti straps. Put it where you want to organize your accessories.

Shower hooks attached to the holder can be cool bag holders, and they don't require any fabrication - just hook bags on and that's it.

Cabinet dividers also help with organization and if you are interested in them come here.

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