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plastic eggs easter diys

plastic eggs easter diys

Easter is coming! It is high time to create great Easter decorations for outside and inside and of course for table decorations. You can also do some nice things for and with your kids and have great time together. Today I’m going to tell you how to make great things out of common plastic eggs that you can buy for a few dollars. Let’s start.

Coloring eggs is a tradition for every Easter, but let’s make a very original decoration out of it – don’t be ordinary! Hanging these cute colorful eggs is great for Easter, it will create an ambience and it will only take a few minutes to make.

If you’re looking for good decorating ideas to surprise the next few, these cool moss-covered eggs are for you. They give your Easter table a rustic flair and last a long time, so you can use them next year as well.

No one will ever guess that your fun, textured DIY Easter decorations were once cheap plastic eggs. All you need for this easy upgrade is tissue paper and mod podge, and all of a sudden you have an Easter decoration that all looks chic.

Eggs are a symbol of Easter, and if you want to make an Easter wreath, stone eggs of course! This amazing grapevine wreath is decorated with artificial flowers and blue plastic eggs, or you can paint them some other colors.

Plastic Easter eggs turned into a funky modern spring bouquet? Why not! A little floral wire and crepe paper give the bouquet and the more realistic flowers an organic shape. I think they look like tulips before they open fully – what do you think?

Small Christmas trees are very popular as centerpieces and why not make an Easter tree so that you can hang painted eggs instead of beautiful balls? Make colorful Easter eggs and attach string to them to hang, they will make amazing decorations for this spring holiday.

Plastic eggs are everywhere in stores now. It’s too early to fill them with candy and goodies. How about turning them into cute cupcake decorations? Your kids will be delighted to play with them, it’s right for a play kitchen!

This Easter egg wreath is simple. No matter how you like your eggs, just add a few fuzzy chicks just for fun. Here the plastic eggs are decorated with brightly colored polka dots, but you can rock, paint, or uncouple any decor you like. Get inspired!

These Easter egg flowers are easy to make and make a bright and beautiful bouquet! With only 2 consumables you get a colorful display in a few minutes. Go with color and choose one from each plastic egg in the set!

These Easter egg hot air balloons are a perfect way to celebrate both spring and Easter! Since a hollow plastic egg is used as a balloon, you can fill it with candy and give it away as a small Easter gift for your friends and family!

These adorable bunnies are a great project to make this Easter. They look like little works of art. The rabbit’s main body is made up of a fillable egg that splits in half and is perfect for hiding some sweet treats. All you have to do is deal with a pair of ears, some feet, and a fluffy pompom tail! For a fun Easter egg hunt, get a group of bunnies together with some Easter chicks to explore the house and garden so the little ones can find them.

Geometric decor is very popular right now - it goes with many decorating styles: Boho, Mid-Century Modern, Modern and many others, and today I want to share some ideas to give your home an edgy feel - here are triangular items that will become yours Give a fresh breath at home. Hurry to make them!

The inspiration for the triangular retail shelf was to create useful and stylish shelves that can also create height in the shop's flat widows' rooms. The triangular shelf does an excellent job of creatively presenting shop products without blocking the light from outside. The removable screws keep it securely in place. They are a great feature that allows for repositioning and stacking. Once your triangular shelf is set up, you can customize it by painting, sanding, staining, or burning the surface for a variety of beautiful looks.

We've already shared some edge mirrors that are hugely popular for boho interiors. In this tutorial, you will learn about another idea, much simpler but no less boho - a triangular mirror! The project is pretty simple: you just cut out a triangular piece of mirror and cover it with a frame that hangs on the wall, read the tutorial, and off you go!

Geometric shapes are a trend that pops up frequently on the internet and on store shelves. For me, geometric shapes never go out of style: they're classic and will exist forever. If that's okay with you, make this color block triangle shelf with a store-bought wooden shelf and acrylic paints in nice, bright colors.

Who doesn't love mini objects? These little triangular shelves are too cute and are perfect for the bathroom, nursery, and the end of the hallway. The possibilities are endless. You can mix and match them with colors and sizes to suit your space. The tutorial has some ideas on how to paint and add air plants. However, you can add any decor you think is appropriate.

Make this stunning triangular wall shelving system to spice up your modern or mid-century boho decor! The system consists of several triangular shelves attached to each other and a few separate shelves for a catchy look, and the tutorial isn't difficult at all. Read it and make some stylish storage units for your home!

If you need a chic piece of storage furniture, here it is! It is a triangular leather upholstered table with hidden storage space and ideal for small rooms, especially entrance areas, as it can be placed in the corner due to its triangular shape. It also fits in many other small corners and can also be used as an ottoman. Its mid-century chic modern look makes it very trendy and edgy for home decor right now. Get inspired!

Is a home really a home without a coaster? Coasters are useful and easy to find, that's all! Create your own natural wood version that is very easy to make. You could certainly dye it or dye it, but the natural look is more boho-chic. Enjoy the look of the coaster and get inspired!

Here is a tutorial that will show you five different ways to make a triangular wall shelf out of natural wood. Made from washi tape, mountains, fake flowers, patterned paint, and a bundle - you're sure to find one that will float your boat! The unfinished wooden triangular shelf is perfect for a craft night or even for a children's birthday party. Get inspired and choose your own option!

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