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plaid fall decor ideas

plaid fall decor ideas

Plaid is the coziest pattern ever and is perfect for decoration in autumn and winter. Today I want to share some ideas on how you can use checkered fabrics and textiles for fall decorations to make your living and outdoor spaces more cozy.

Table decoration

Eat? Cover your tables with checkered blankets, table runners or placemats to make your table decorations super cozy and a little rustic. Checkered napkins are a cool addition, and checkered blankets for your guests will keep them warm and comfortable. Checkered flannel coasters are very easy to make and can be used to have a variety of drinks and add a cool, cozy touch to your table.

pillows and blankets

Buy or make lots of cozy plaid pillows and blankets and decorate your living and outdoor areas. They give you warmth and make your decor rustic and cozy. Grab the colors and shades that you like the most and that go with your interior design.

Other ideas

You can also use plaid for fall displays, wreaths, and for wrapping lanterns and candle holders. Get inspired!

The shabby chic style is soft, cozy, and just a little rough around the edges. It is great for any room from the kitchen to the nursery as it is nifty and does not require a lot of money as there are many reclaimed materials and fleas in the market. Do you want this style for your nursery? Here are some ideas for creating a proper shabby chic style ambience.

Go neutrals and pastels

Creamy white and soft pastel colors make for a nice shabby chic nursery palette. However, if you're craving a little more color, muted floral tones will look rustic and look great with cream, white, or even pastel shades of a similar shade. The shabby chic decor can be easily adapted to girls and boys with pink or blue accents. Yellow, green, beige, brown and gray are great for a gender-neutral decor.

Play with patterns

When choosing textiles for your kid's room, make sure that you use patterned pieces. Patterned accessories keep things interesting, add color, and mostly disassemble white furniture. Look for floral designs and French country prints and don't be afraid to confuse them a little. Playing mix and match with your textiles is a great way to achieve that eclectic, jumbled look. Various accented pattern walls are just the thing for you.

Mix & Match furniture

Shabby-chic decor is about creating cohesion out of chaos. Mismatched furniture is a must. The trick is to find a way to tie it all together. You can always take a few flea market finds and renovate them for your kindergarten. Just select them so that they look in harmony with the others.

Create texture layers

Texture is perhaps the most important element in shabby chic decor. To get the look, layer weathered furniture and rustic materials with ornate accents and rich, delicate fabrics. When you have decided on a simple iron crib frame, dress it up with soft and luxurious bedding. Just focus on incorporating rich and varied layers and you will find the perfect balance.

Be creative

Decorating a shabby chic nursery is about using old things in new ways. When looking for furniture and accessories, think outside the box. An elaborate old kitchen stall could be a great chest of drawers! Broken mirror? This beautiful brass frame would still look fabulous on the wall! See what you can save and put to good use. An old dresser can easily become a beautiful dressing table.

Create an ambience

Pastel-colored pictures of nursery rhymes and soft toys on the wall and furniture complement and add to the atmosphere and beauty of the room.

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