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farmhouse nurseries

Pinterest farmhouse nurseries

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The peasant style is timeless, everyone loves it very much and it can be modern or vintage. You can incorporate this style into any room in your home, including a kid's room. Today we are discussing how to incorporate the style of a farmhouse into your nursery decor, take a look at these ideas and make your nursery very cozy!

Colors and styles

Farmhouse style doesn't always mean just using it. You can mix it with other styles too: rustic, industrial, modern, vintage, minimalist, glamorous or even boho. Once you've decided on the main style and the touches of other styles, it's time to start thinking about colors. Farmhouses are usually available in neutral or warm and muted shades. However, you can also try contrasting color schemes like black and white, graphite gray and white, hunter green, white and gray, and others. A contrasting space can easily be softened with lots of wood, potted plants, and a variety of textiles, especially layered carpets.

Furniture and decor

Go for farmhouse style at its best! Rock reclaimed wood walls, brick walls, checkered textiles and details, potted plants, layered carpets, anything to do with wood, wicker, rattan and plywood to create a good mood. Choose furniture based on your style - if it's a modern farmhouse, go for modern furniture. If it's a vintage room, go for something vintage and shabby chic. Don't forget about the decor which is sure to help create a mood and ambience. These can be pretty gallery walls with rustic and vintage elements, huge metal letters with your child's name on the wall, marquee letters, etc.

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