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Pimp your bathroom: With THESE 18 tricks, your bathroom will be super stylish!

 diys to make your bathroom stylish

Pimp your bathroom: With THESE 18 tricks, your bathroom will be super stylish! diys to make your bathroom stylish

Small bathrooms can’t be stylish? You bet! We’ll show you how to get the best out of your bathroom with a few simple tricks … diys to make your bathroom stylish

Is your bathroom missing style? Do you need to break up the space in a fancy way? Would you like to add a sophisticated touch and bathe and shower comfortably? Then this DIY round-up is for you - I've put together the best ideas for your bathroom to add style, clear up, and reorganize the storage there. You can find some furniture, some storage items and holders and even dispensers as the style is in the details. Take a look!

Dispenser and glasses

The more uniform the containers look in your bathroom, the more spa-like the room becomes. Pour shampoo, balm, and soaps into stylish containers that you can make in minutes. You will need white pump containers of your choice and some letters to freshen them up. The project is very simple and does not take much time. Such a clean, minimalist look is just right for a spa feeling in your bathroom.

Make all of your containers and dispensers the same to create style in your bathroom! This tutorial is going to show you how to easily spice up the usual dispensers that you can buy with letters for a few dollars. The final look is very modern and cool, ideal for a modern bathroom and the whole project will take little time to complete. Let yourself be inspired!

Find out how to make stylish apothecary-inspired jars to keep various things in your bathroom or on your vanity. These pieces are not real apothecary jars, they consist of 2 candlesticks and 2 glass bowls for tea lights - very easy and very quick and look how stylish they are!


Store your toothbrushes in style with a cool holder! In this tutorial, we'll show you how to make a chic plywood toothbrush holder with a neutral, modern look - a perfect piece for a Scandinavian or contemporary bathroom. Check out how to make or expand it for four toothbrushes if you have more family members!

If your bathroom doesn't have a lot of space, use wall mounts. This project has detailed information on how to make stylish wall-mounted oak toothbrush holders yourself and attach them to the wall. Give your bathroom a spa feeling and save space at the same time.

Toilet paper can also be stored in style and add a chic touch to your bathroom. In this project, you will learn how to make a fancy toilet roll holder out of a tall glass cylinder vase that is decorated with copper foil. The last piece has space for 2-3 rolls of toilet paper, which is very convenient and looks cool!

Here is another toilet roll stand made from plywood or wood of your choice. The piece is a box-like stand with a stick for one roll and some space for additional rolls underneath. You can add a floor to it if you want or keep it airy like in the tutorial.

Add a touch of industrial decor to your bathroom with a copper paper toilet roll holder. It's a tiny piece that can be attached to a cabinet or wall, and is suitable for even the smallest bathroom ever. Check out how to make a stylish copper holder and add a trendy and chic touch when that metal is up.

If you want to hold toilet paper but don't want to drill holes in vanities or walls, choose a standing floor. This toilet paper holder is made of galvanized steel tubes and is vertical. You can make it as tall as you want and it doesn't take up much space. An ideal solution for a small bathroom!

Style is in the details, and every detail can be important in making your bathroom look appropriate. Store tissues in a box of birch plywood in style to make your bathroom feel like a spa. Read how to make the box and store your tissues with chic!

Store whatever you want by sewing cool cotton storage bags. The usual white cotton bags have been decorated with silver vinyl triangles to give them a chic, modern look. The craft is very simple, it is also suitable for sewers for beginners. Such bags can be welcome not only in a bathroom, but also on your vanity.


Raw edge furniture is very popular now and making such a stool for your bathroom gives it a rustic and very cozy feel. The stool features a raw edged seat and polished legs for a contrasting look. You can also use it to sit or store. Read the tutorial to find out how to make such a fancy piece.

If you have kids, such a cool bathroom step is just what you need for your space. The tutorial will show you how to make a fancy bathroom step out of any common wood, dye it dark, and add fun and motivational letters. Get inspiration and take a step that can be used for storage later when your kids don't need it.

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