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Peach printed bedding set
fruit print bedding sets

Peach printed bedding set fruit print bedding sets

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Nothing screams summer like fruity prints! Add juicy fruits to your decor and fill your space with cool summer vibes! Today I'm going to inspire you with amazing ideas related to fruits: bedding sets with fruit print, for both kids and adults. In fact, you can use the same prints for children and adults, but we recommend calmer colors for children as colors that are too bold can prevent them from sleeping.

For children

Black and white fruit prints and calm pastel prints are perfect for kids rooms as they sleep better. But of course you can also add a few colorful accents, for example a set with a watermelon blanket, a lemon pillow and an apple leaf. Why not add some fruit-shaped pillows for fun since it's a kid's bedroom? Your kids will love it!

For adults

Watermelons are the most popular adult bedding prints. They can be large or small and look cool in the neutral background. There are some bold sets of half green, half red bedding, and bold green with red parts. Citrus fruits like oranges, grapefruits, and lemons are also very good for clothing rooms. They create a cool atmosphere from the very first moment. Strawberries are extremely summery. So if you feel like it, by all means rock them!

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