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PDF Patchwork Instructions – Bluebird Quilt Block
fun diy summer placemats

PDF Patchwork Instructions – Bluebird Quilt Block fun diy summer placemats

Bird Quilt Block Pattern by Nadra Ridgeway of Ellis & Higgs. The finished block sizes are 12 “and 6” square and the pattern is easy and fun! Difficulty level: advanced beginners. The pattern provides step-by-step instructions on how to make the blocks and requirements for making a round size and mini quilt. Patchwork pattern, summer quilt ideas, summer DIY craft project, pillow, pillow, placemat. Fabric is Mon Beau Jardin by Nadra Ridgeway for Penny Rose Fabrics, Riley Blake Designs. fun diy summer placemats

If you are planning summer parties, if you love adding a seasonal feel to your table, some summer blooms and placemats are just the thing to make the table look brighter and more summery. I have put together some bright and moody DIY summer placemats that will make your food happier and more enjoyable. Take a look!

Summer is in full swing and it is high time to enjoy the bright colors of the season! You have time to make these awesome (and easy!) DIY watercolor placemats to set your table for upcoming Labor Day or summer barbecues and events! These placemats don't require any fuss and I love the fun pops of color that they add to a table too! You can put a set of these together in an hour and still have time to do all of those other things on your to-do list.

Have you noticed a lot of pineapples on the internet lately? This may be a trend for now, but I'm perfectly fine with having pineapples and other fruits all the time. Here is a fun and cute quilted pineapple placemat project. The organic quilting lines are one of my favorite things about this mat, and I tell you, they are so relaxing to sew! I love its geometric shape and its bright look, which is fun for both adult and children's meals. This cheerful pineapple is so happy to be able to sit at your table with you!

This fun watermelon placemat project is completely inspired by the quilted pineapple and can be done the same way with a few color changes. Again, the techniques are pretty simple and the look is super cute. You can also bring this quilted watermelon up to a blanket or table runner. We wish you a nice summer!

These pinwheel placemats are amazing for summer: they're woven and come in bright colors. It's super easy to make and doesn't take much time, and the effect is great! Head over to IKEA, buy some simple placemats like this one, and use the tutorial to turn them into bright summer items.

Do you remember the hexagon watermelon and pineapple placemats we saw before? Here's another project in the series, and it's a blueberry! Since the hexagons make the outside a little lumpy, it's probably better than blackberry, blackberry, or raspberry. In fact, you could make a whole bunch of placemats with just different colored berries!

Eating outside is one of my favorite things to do, and these DIY placemats fit that plan perfectly. Bright, festive and easy to clean (just shake it!) I can't imagine late summer food without them now! The pieces are made of bamboo skewers, not wood, which makes the craft very inexpensive. And while I know none of us want to talk about it right now, these mats are so easy to roll up and keep for the winter.

These are perfect picnic and barbecue placemats - they're bright and very easy to make! These parts are woven from colored cardboard. You can use any combination of colors and enjoy the simple weave that results in a plaid pattern. The project doesn't require any sewing or crocheting, you don't need any special skills so have a nice picnic!

If you need a party-like placemat that works not only in summer but other times of the year as well, this is a good idea! This is a clear vinyl placemat with confetti. It looks modern, bright and cool and is perfect for any party without taking up a lot of time. Enjoy!

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