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paper spider crafts

paper spider crafts

The key to success with a good kid’s craft is simple, it should be quick and fun. 3 colored paper walking spiders are just like that, easy and quick to make and then they are very cool to play with. A paper spider made from children’s handprints will help train motor skills by not only circling the palms of your hands, but also playing with them. If you make two such spiders, you can even have a competition – spider race. Also, a spider-finger theater is easy to make with your own hands, with which you can play the whole story. And the last third spider made of colored paper does not leave anyone indifferent and carries the children away for a long time. Try saving these kids paper crafts and you will have excellent DIY spiders ready for Halloween.

Finger spiders

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A spider made from children’s palms

Spiders walk on a thread

Video shows how to make these cute paper spiders

Marble is a timeless and luxurious material that never goes out of style - it is always on trend and looks very stylish wherever you use it. Marble is great for backsplashes, sinks, bathtubs, and miscellaneous furniture, but today I'm going to share some ideas about marble (and marble tile) clad fireplaces that really steal the show!

There are different types of marble of different colors - gray, black, white, green and they have different veins. If real marble is too expensive, choose marble tiles that come in a wider variety of colors and vein types. A marble fireplace easily fits into any room, from the minimalist to the refined vintage fireplace, and becomes the focal point of the room even when it is not working.

You can opt for just a fireplace and some marble, or add marble cladding, or opt for a large slab or wall of marble and a built-in fireplace - such a function can even divide rooms that add comfort and coziness to both. As for the mantelpiece, you can skip or make it if you want, hang an oversized mirror over the fireplace, television, or place some fancy artwork. If your fireplace is an artificial one, you can put some candles or even firewood on a stand and it will look more natural. However, skip firewood baskets and the like - such a rustic decor isn't a good idea with marble. Check out the gorgeous ideas below and get inspired to create this beauty at home!

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