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painted brick fireplaces

painted brick fireplaces

A fireplace, even a non-functioning one, is always a piece that gives cosiness and makes every room inviting. It’s always a bold feature that gathers all of the family members around it, and if it has catchy decor and details it will make a statement. Brick fireplaces are very often seen in different houses – common, whitewashed, but these ideas are not trending right now, a huge new trend is emerging and it is going nowhere – painted brick fireplaces!

A painted brick fireplace is like a new take on something very traditional – yes, you keep the bricks that are so common for fireplaces, but you also add some color to create an absolutely new look and add some shade to the room . Black brick fireplaces are out of competition here, but there are also colorful ones. Let’s look at all of these ideas.

Black brick fireplaces

A black brick fireplace is a fantastic decoration idea that does not require a lot of effort or money and makes a statement in many rooms, from the farmhouse to the minimalist one. Black color makes your fireplace look laconic and elegant and makes a statement with its strong color. If your room is bold or neutral the fireplace will contrast it, if it is monochrome it will match so it is a win-win situation.

Colorful brick fireplaces

A colorful brick fireplace is a very special decoration idea – it is ready to use right away! It can be blush, navy, blue, green, pink, copper, or any other color you like and want to add to your interior. Such a piece will spice up and cheer up the room, making it bolder and cooler. So take a look at your brick fireplace and decide what color you want?

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