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outdoor teepees

outdoor teepees

If you have children, make a teepee for them outdoors: this is a private corner where your child can enjoy seclusion, play, and maybe sleep. A teepee can also be a great adult idea if you need some relaxation, privacy and love boho decor. Let’s take a look at some outdoor tipis that you can make or buy.

Colorful teepees

Make a bold and colorful teepee in a boho-chic style – use patchwork, prints, paints and other things, make fringes – such a teepee will be interesting for both children and adults. Colorful and printed fabric can be mixed at will, and brightly colored pompoms and embellishments make it more eye-catching. Put brightly colored blankets, pillows, and pillows inside to make the piece very noticeable. If it’s a kids’ tipi, hide it somewhere in the bushes or among the trees to keep it a secret – your kids will love it!

Neutral tipis

A neutral or white teepee looks very stylish no matter which style you choose. Give your teepee a boho-chic feel with some dream catchers and fringes, make it bold with flowers and herbs, or cover the teepee with lace – it’s an amazing thing for a girl’s room. Colorful pillows, pillows and blankets create a cool ambience, and you can also put box or pallet tables in them for serving tea. Enjoy!

A bold staircase is a part that with its design can transform your entire home, highlight your style and color scheme, and even add texture with a unique material. Don't neglect this part of your house and choose a bold and trendy design for it!

Colorful stairs

Adding color is a great idea now. Colorful spaces and touch are number one today. How do you make your stairs colorful? There are many options: painting, adding stencils, decals, covering risers with wallpaper or even bright and colorful tiles.

Floating stairs

A floating staircase is a modern solution that will make your space bold. It can be made of metal, wood, glass or any other material, it can be floating, hanging or attached to the wall at every step - it's up to you and looks the way you want, get inspired by the ideas below !

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