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outdoor halloween decor ideas

outdoor halloween decor ideas

The outdoor decor makes it possible to turn your rooms and porches into spooky ones and scare guests and children before entering the house. What are the ideas to decorate these rooms in the best and scariest way possible?


You can buy some skeletons and decorate your nature in a stylish and cool way. You can put one on a chair or bench on your porch and put a cauldron of candy for trick or treating on your hands, or you can place two skeletons that will make a grave in the yard. Another idea is to put several pieces of a skeleton in a cart or in the ground to remind you of scary movies. Attach skeletons to the wall outside of your home so they can climb.


Ghosts are another very popular idea for Halloween decor. Make chicken wire ghosts and cover with cheesecloth, add foam heads. Put them anywhere you want: on swings, on your porch, in your yard, etc. and note that they look really creepy at night in the dark.

Other ideas

Coffins, zombies, vampires, corpses and body parts, ravens and spiders – mix them up to your liking. Create coffins and tombstones in your yard, put witches and skeletons next to them, cover foam to mimic corpses, buy body parts and put them in creepy pumpkins like they are eating them. Scarecrows and fake zombie figures will scare everyone.

We've already shared some creative air plant displays, and today we want to talk about common plant displays. It's winter and you've probably taken in all of the plants and are now wondering how to rock them and add style to the interiors.

Hanging displays

Hanging displays are a cool way to save space. Make them airy and light, seemingly disappearing into the air, and place your planters there. Another idea is to use unique holders that catch the eye and add an accent to the room.

Wall displays

Wall displays also save space and a simple wall becomes a cool decorated one. Attach shelves of your choice - common ones made of wood or trendy metal - and place your pots on them. Get creative with vibrant custom stands for each planter. This is how you create a composition. Take planters to attach directly to the walls - designers provide many attachable planters to choose from.

Other ideas

Lucite shelves installed above the windowsill not only save space, but also give the plants enough light and appear almost invisible. Use layered stands to accommodate as many plants as possible. This is important when you have a lot of these. Put a shabby chic bench with planters next to the window to give the plants enough light again. Most of them need it.

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