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outdoor area design ideas

outdoor area design ideas

118 The coolest design ideas for outdoors 2017

Candles bring cosiness to any room and decor, they warm it up easily, which is why they are especially popular for holiday decorations. Candles are necessary for Christmas decorations, together with Christmas lights they will help you create an ambience. Let's see how you can spice up your candles for Christmas and present them in a festive way.

Wrapped Christmas candles

Take ordinary pillar candles or votive pictures and turn them into Christmas candles! Wrap them with burlap, twine, birch bark, plaid, cable knit, some leaves or cinnamon sticks, secure with twine or twine, and add pine cones or jingle bells. When using materials such as birch bark, sticks, or cloth, be careful as these can start to burn.

Christmas candle displays and lanterns

You can make your own Christmas lanterns using mason jars, fake snow, glitter, sheet music, paints of various types and colors, etc. Another idea to take ordinary candles and display them conspicuously, for example, on a tray with cranberries or pine cones, in a pot with moss and evergreen plants, in a large glass with pine cones and berries. Such a creative presentation easily becomes a festive centerpiece for Christmas.

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