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organize kids study nook

organize kids study nook

The school year has almost started and many students of all ages are starting to study hard. If you have children, you definitely need to organize your children’s study space to make learning easier and to inspire your children to learn. A special study room makes homework more entertaining and motivates your child to do it! Choose a room in your home that is the least distracting to your child and organize it as best you can.

Add bold accents and touches

It’s a kids room, do you remember? Don’t be afraid to make the study space bright, bold and cool to make it attractive to your child. Colorful bunting, desk accessories, lamps and other things make this learning space more interesting for your children and they will love to learn.

Clean up the room

A desk and chair with a clean design will grow with your child. Add a throw pillow or pillow to the chair for extra support, comfort, or height. Make room on the desktop for the basics, which should include an adjustable lamp. A neat work area helps him be more efficient. Tidying up desktop dust collectors in jars. To keep the corner organized, you can hide everything in hidden drawers or cabinets above the desk.

Organize as best you can

Use all the organizers and holders you can get: various baskets, drawers, glasses and cubes to tidy up the study space and teach your child to clean up. This also saves space, which is important when it comes to a small corner or shared space for several children.

Calendars and boards

Teach your child to manage homework and schedule appointments by hanging a personalized calendar over their desk. Various pinboards and boards help you to take notes and write something important when he remembers it.

Autumn is here and winter is not that far and it's time to cuddle and feel cozy. Give your home decor a particularly warm and cozy touch so that you feel great here. Faux fur, crochet, and knit pieces are just the thing for a cool textural decor and warm-up. I want to share some chic ideas - chunky decorations and pieces of furniture. They look a lot more eye-catching than usual knitwear and are very comfortable to sit on or cuddle with.


A chunky knit blanket is what we all need for fall and winter - it corresponds to a comfortable sleep in the cold season and it looks so cool! Not only is such a blanket a great thing to make you feel cozy, it also makes your bedroom or living room decor more stylish and textured. A faux fur carpet, a chunky knit blanket and a leather pillow make your bed very chic and edgy.


Rock various coarse-knit stools, stools in the colors that match your interior. They are sure to provide comfort and a cute look. You can take a regular bench, chair, or any other piece and just add a cozy, chunky-knit cover to make it more comfortable. Such coarse knitted covers can easily be made by yourself. There are tons of tutorials on the internet. Make your autumn cozier with chunky items!

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