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Ombre Cone Trees 3-piece set
ombre christmas trees

Ombre Cone Trees 3-piece set ombre christmas trees

Ombre Cone Trees, 3-Piece Set More ombre christmas trees

Ombre, or gradient, is very popular today. Why not implement this idea in Christmas decorations? There are many ways to do this, but we're going to look at the most important element of Christmas decorations: a Christmas tree. There are ready-made ombre Christmas trees, or you can make one with spray paint, or you can just take a regular tree and style it with ornaments in ombre. Here are some ideas to get inspired.

Ombre trees

You can find very cool pre-lit Christmas trees with an ombre look, and the most popular one is white to black with gray gradients. There are also bolder ideas like pink to red ombre, white to blue ombre, white to burgundy, and silver to black. Such a tree does not require a lot of special decor, because it is brave itself. You can highlight the ombre look by choosing matching ornaments for each piece, or you can emphasize the contrasting look with some brightly colored ornaments, e.g. B. red balls on a white to black tree.

Ombre styling

Even an ordinary tree can be made into a trendy ombre if you style it with ombre ornaments that gently change from one color to another. There are many ideas, from white to turquoise, from gold to emerald, from white to black, from silver to navy and so on. The more neutral your tree, the bolder such a decor will look, and the best idea is a white or silver tree. Get inspired!

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