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new home kitchen ideas neutral kitchens

new home kitchen ideas neutral kitchens

neutral kitchens

Neutral colors are timeless to decorate any room, whether it's a kitchen or bedroom, and they don't go anywhere - such colors always work! A neutral kitchen is a very inviting and chic space that always feels airy, calm and cozy. If this is how you are thinking of decorating your kitchen, here are some ideas that you might like.

Styles and color palettes

What style can you choose for a neutral kitchen? Literally any style! It can be a farmhouse, contemporary, modern, minimalist, Scandinavian and many others as neutrals easily go with anything. Neutral doesn't always mean white and creamy. You can use dove gray, light green, various stains of wood, brown, taupe, and beige, and other colors and shades that are considered neutral. You can also add brass, gold, copper, or other metal fittings to make the room shinier and more sophisticated. The important thing is that you create a nice neutral color palette that is cohesive and variable at the same time to avoid boring looks.


Materials are exactly what will help make your kitchen catchy and very cool. The cabinets can be made smooth or not, you can even go for rough wood. The countertops and backsplashes are exactly what you need to add interest to your space - go for brick, stone, marble, glass, and butcher's block. There are many options today and they will surely help you! You can also use a catchy and high-contrast kitchen island to set an accent. It can consist of something else, have a different worktop, e.g. B. a waterfall marble slab, or at least another color. Let yourself be inspired to decorate your neutral kitchen in style!

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