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neutral living rooms

neutral living rooms

Neutrals are pure perfection! While bright, solid hues are mostly popular these days, not many homeowners and designers dare to rock all-red or all-yellow rooms who prefer to stay neutral. A neutral color scheme has many advantages: It visually expands the room, feels airy and relaxed and is timeless, neutral colors never go out of style. How do I decorate my living room in neutral colors and make it super stylish?

Color schemes and styles

Neutral doesn’t always mean white and cream, there are plenty of other colors and shades that you can try. Light brown, beige, gray tones, taupe, light green and various wood stains – all these colors go well together. You can mix them all up to create a cohesive room and vary it up with some prints and patterns, or you can just choose a few hues that you like for beautiful monochrome.

Neutrals are ideal for any decorating style. You can design a modern, minimalist, boho, vintage, shabby chic and many other living rooms in such a color scheme.


Select all of the furniture and decorations according to your style, but remember that they should also focus on the space. Add some texture with wood and plywood, stone and textured wallpaper, different types of bricks, and different fabrics. This includes wooden furniture with stone countertops, metal coffee tables or marble tables. An accent fireplace made of bricks or stones creates a cozy atmosphere. Pay special attention to textiles as these are a must-have for creating a welcoming space and can get cooler at the same time. Get some cool curtains, layer some rugs, and outfit the sofa with lots of pillows. Enjoy!

Easter is just around the corner and it is high time to tinker something for the holidays. Decorations, favors, and even recipes are all a hot topic right now and we've decided to help you choose one too. Today we're sharing some cute DIY coasters for Easter. You can use them for serving or doing anyone who comes a favor, and there are looks and ideas for any technique. Let's take a look and get some inspiration!

The first craft for today is for those who love to sew: these are burlap coasters with stenciled bunnies and fluffy pompom tails. I bet it won't take long to make them and all supplies are available. Make these cool rustic coasters for your Easter brunch and give your guests a favor too.

Here's another craft that uses different types of fabric, these are quilted coasters. You can do them with a compound side or two circular sides. The assembled sides are put together with 4 squares and all you have to do is sew them together to create a quilted coaster.

These cool coasters are a perfect mix of rustic and spring elements! The great thing about these coasters is that they look like they would take a lot of your time, but they are really super simple. Buy some wood discs and get some acrylic paints. Then create these cute coasters paint whatever you like or just follow the pictures and look of the tutorial.

Pom-poms are ideal for every season and every vacation. They give every room a cheerful note. Make these whimsy colorful pompom wool felt coasters, you can use ready-made pom poms or make some yourself. All you have to do is glue the pompoms onto cork coasters and voila! Feel free to make placemats and coasters the same way.

These coasters only scream Easter! They are made from clear resin and small plastic eggs - just put those eggs in the resin and pour them into molds. Read the more detailed instructions in the source and watch the video to perfect them. This is a very creative, colorful and modern idea to rock, I bet everyone will like it!

Make cute bunny coasters with ceramic tiles and alcohol ink in bright colors. Find out how to create designs like this and invite them to make these bold and cool pieces if your kids are not too small. The tutorial isn't difficult, although your kids may need your help with crafting. The coasters are very durable because they are made of tiles.

Crochet? Make these cool and cute Easter coasters that they crochet. The idea is very simple: just crochet the eggs and add colorful flowers to them. Glue them or sew them to the eggs and voila! Read the full crochet tutorial and make as many as you want to give as gifts or use in the kitchen.

Moss is traditionally used for spring and Easter decorations, and making coasters out of it is a brilliant idea to add a natural feel to your space. You have to take cork coasters and moss and glue moss on them according to their shape, and that's it. Bring a fresh touch of spring into your room with them!

These coasters are also made from moss, this is preserved reindeer moss in two colors for a contrasting look. Attach the moss to the cork or cardboard coasters to create a wild look and enjoy! Make as many as you want, it only takes a few minutes and voila!

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