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neutral kitchens

neutral kitchens

Neutral colors are timeless to decorate any room, whether it’s a kitchen or bedroom, and they don’t go anywhere – such colors always work! A neutral kitchen is a very inviting and chic space that always feels airy, calm and cozy. If this is how you are thinking of decorating your kitchen, here are some ideas that you might like.

Styles and color palettes

What style can you choose for a neutral kitchen? Literally any style! It can be a farmhouse, contemporary, modern, minimalist, Scandinavian and many others as neutrals easily go with anything. Neutral doesn’t always mean white and creamy. You can use dove gray, light green, various stains of wood, brown, taupe, and beige, and other colors and shades that are considered neutral. You can also add brass, gold, copper, or other metal fittings to make the room shinier and more sophisticated. The important thing is that you create a nice neutral color palette that is cohesive and variable at the same time to avoid boring looks.


Materials are exactly what will help make your kitchen catchy and very cool. The cabinets can be made smooth or not, you can even go for rough wood. The countertops and backsplashes are exactly what you need to add interest to your space – go for brick, stone, marble, glass, and butcher’s block. There are many options today and they will surely help you! You can also use a catchy and high-contrast kitchen island to set an accent. It can consist of something else, have a different worktop, e.g. B. a waterfall marble slab, or at least another color. Let yourself be inspired to decorate your neutral kitchen in style!

Chalkboard pieces are very popular, they allow for creativity and personalization so I think you will need to make some decorations and gift tags for Christmas too. Let's see the cutest and easiest to make ideas for today.

The first craft is dedicated to chalkboard clay ornaments, they are hung on ribbons and you can leave any messages on them, besides, such ornaments are ideal for favors.

Organize a hot cocoa station for your home or for a special occasion and mark it with a blackboard sign. This sign is lit with Christmas lights, but you can make one with less effort if you don't use lights.

These DIY beauties have a rustic feel, made with wood slices and chalkboard paint. You can write anything on it and decorate your Christmas tree for a rustic feel or use it as coasters or favors for Christmas.

Hurry up to make an advent calendar! This is for all of you who want to have a special activity every day of Advent. Each day, cross out the date and choose an activity from the envelopes below.

This really simple DIY advent calendar can be made from strips of balsa wood, blackboard paint and some mini silver ornaments. Children can add an ornament to the tree every day in December before Christmas.

These puzzle chalkboard gift tags are very easy to make and can be decorated by the whole family! They look cute and can be easily reused if your kids wrote a wrong name on the label.

This table looks festive and is so pretty with the lights during the dark winter season. To make it more Christmassy, ​​write some sentences associated with Christmas carols or songs and you will love the result!

These table decorations consist of thin wooden decorations and are painted with blackboard paint. Once the paint is dry, it is entirely up to you to design something for the lucky people on your gift list.

This project is pretty easy, the only thing difficult is cutting out the letters with a jigsaw. It's not that difficult, it just takes practice to get used to the jigsaw. So if you don't work with one often, make sure you give yourself a few practice runs.

Make stunning Christmas balls and let the kids write or draw on them. Wrap the finished onions with a piece of chalk as a great creative gift.

Used to black boards? These are not like that, they are green! These hangings consist of an embroidery frame, fabric and blackboard paint. Once dry, all you need to do is chalk what you want.

These simple table ornaments consist of glass lids covered with blackboard paint. You can paint them in whole or in part and then crayon whatever you like.

With this table ornament, the mother of invention was a lack of desire to paint and wait for it to dry. These simple chalkboard pendants and ornaments were made with a chalkboard ink pen.

If you're looking for an alternative Christmas tree idea, chalkboard is your way! Take a big blackboard and make a tree with chalk for a cool modern look!

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