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neutral bathrooms

neutral bathrooms

Neutral colors are very popular nowadays for home decor: They are timeless, they become rooms with light and air, they make them look bigger and never go out of style. Neutral colors also go with most decorating styles you can think of. So rocking neutrals is a win-win idea. When decorating a functional space, neutrals are even more topical as they lift the mood and make the room appear larger. Neutral bathrooms are really amazing and inviting, although you need to decorate them properly to avoid boring looks. How? Here are a few ideas.

Mix tiles

If you only use a single type of neutral tile, your bathroom might look a little dull. When you combine these, you get a bolder and cooler space. How do I mix the tiles? We have a complete guide here. Think of edgy neutral tiles – hexagon, marble, long and narrow tiles, large tiles – that will give your bathroom a more modern look. Opt for two to three different neutral tiles in different areas of your bathroom and it will look fresher and more catchy.


Wood is a must if you want to warm up and liven up your bathroom. It gives a cozy feeling and fits any style of decoration. There are many shades and wood tones to choose from, and you can opt for smooth surfaces or a living edge. You can incorporate wood with a vanity top, stools, end tables, mats, and more, and add wicker baskets for storage.


While you might say a bathroom is too small for a decor, it is still a must-have, although you can opt for functional decor. An oversized mirror can be your decor and reflects the light that visually doubles your space. Artwork can be a good idea if there is some space for it. If not, put pebbles under the bathtub, use greenery in pots, and get luxurious swim suits to make your bathing experience cooler. Enjoy!

Summer is very soon and it is high time to invite him to rock some gradient items - the gradient is like ombre but much lighter since there is no white, just super bright shades. We have prepared a number of super bright ideas for your summer parties - glasses, trays, plates and other things to make your summer happy and super colorful. Enjoy!

Make a simple gradient glass with a custom saying "Treat yourself"! After all, we all need a little reminder to sometimes do something good for us. Such a jar is not only great for everyday use, it will also be very cool for Halloween. Just take a simple jar and renovate it for a bright look using the tutorial. Get inspired!

These colorful gradient plates are absolutely food and dishwasher safe. Using clear glass sheets allows you to easily paint the floor with spray paint but make sure the sheets on top remain food safe. And with a few sprays of paint, they're the perfect way to turn any meal into a party. As always, these panels can easily be customized to suit your own preferences. Maybe just a light pink gradient spray for an ombre effect is what you would prefer? Or just shades of blue? Even a black and white fog would look awesome! Take this technique from the tutorial and go!

Do you love gradients I like the way the colors blend and overlap to create a unique pattern, and I especially like how you can achieve the look with just a few cans of spray paint. Turn your barware into bold and bright summer with some spray paints! A couple of glasses, a shaker, and even a wine opener have been given the gradient treatment, and this tutorial will show you how to recreate the look yourself!

Why not celebrate the delicious meals you serve and create the perfect cake serving tray? With a little colorful gradient and a bit of typography, this DIY serving tray is the perfect addition to your celebrations and parties. To make this simple serving tray, follow the tutorial. If you followed up there, you get a nice simple wooden tray and a piece of acrylic that will fit inside the tray. You can also use a store-bought or used tray if you don't want to make your own.

These galaxy gradient glass plates are amazing! It's not just about trendy color gradients, but also about the extremely popular galaxy decor. Using the back of glass plates allows you to play around with various painting and coloring techniques while keeping the plate tops completely food safe. Which means the possibilities are endless!

This super bright and colorful gradient planter is a fun idea for a centerpiece at a summer party. You can even put together a whole range of different colored planters and bowls and mugs of different sizes to make a fantastic collection for your shelf or mantelpiece. Read the tutorial and make this a bright and fun piece!

Ordinary mini egg cups can be easily transformed into bold and fun planters with a gradient. Experiment with spray paint a little later and these adorable mini planters were done and ready to display. They're perfect for an Easter place setting or as a table runner, or can even be placed on your desk for a little bit of color and green at work. And if you don't have as many spray paints as I do and don't want to invest in a ton, just stick to 1-2 colors and vary which color is on top and which is on the bottom for a little variation!

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