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neutral bathrooms

neutral bathrooms

Neutral colors are very popular nowadays for home decor: They are timeless, they become rooms with light and air, they make them look bigger and never go out of style. Neutral colors also go with most decorating styles you can think of. So rocking neutrals is a win-win idea. When decorating a functional space, neutrals are even more topical as they lift the mood and make the room appear larger. Neutral bathrooms are really amazing and inviting, although you need to decorate them properly to avoid boring looks. How? Here are a few ideas.

Mix tiles

If you only use a single type of neutral tile, your bathroom might look a little dull. When you combine these, you get a bolder and cooler space. How do I mix the tiles? We have a complete guide here. Think of edgy neutral tiles – hexagon, marble, long and narrow tiles, large tiles – that will give your bathroom a more modern look. Opt for two to three different neutral tiles in different areas of your bathroom and it will look fresher and more catchy.


Wood is a must if you want to warm up and liven up your bathroom. It gives a cozy feeling and fits any style of decoration. There are many shades and wood tones to choose from, and you can opt for smooth surfaces or a living edge. You can incorporate wood with a vanity top, stools, end tables, mats, and more, and add wicker baskets for storage.


While you might say a bathroom is too small for a decor, it is still a must-have, although you can opt for functional decor. An oversized mirror can be your decor and reflects the light that visually doubles your space. Artwork can be a good idea if there is some space for it. If not, put pebbles under the bathtub, use greenery in pots, and get luxurious swim suits to make your bathing experience cooler. Enjoy!

Exfoliating is a must for every girl, it removes dead cells to renovate and revitalize your skin for the best shave and for many other reasons. You can easily make your own scrub for a perfect exfoliator, using your favorite ingredients and flavors. Homemade scrubs usually contain sugar or salt, and we've already shared some sugar scrub recipes, so today for salt recipes.

The abrasive effect associated with salt peeling invigorates the skin and helps improve blood circulation. Improved blood circulation gives the skin a natural glow. Salt has antiseptic properties and when applied to the skin can help kill bacteria and reduce inflammation, as well as itching and pain associated with bacterial skin diseases. Salt scrubs help the skin to regenerate and discolor, even out skin tone and improve texture.

The first peeling is very exquisite, it is a rose salt peeling. You want a consistency that is the perfect middle between wet and dry - not too oily, not too crumbly. It will also be a great gift for everyone!

Chrysanthemum has long been used to heal the skin and is believed to help restore the skin's barrier function, moisturize it and help the skin that has experienced much life and love. That is why it is the main ingredient in this scrub.

Chamomile has amazing calming effects. And ginger is unique in that it is stimulating and calming at the same time. Exfoliate both of them right in a container for stimulation and nutrition.

Inspired by summer and cocktails, this cool body scrub will help keep your skin soft and hydrated. And you will enjoy the refreshing lime aroma while using it!

Cranberries are full of antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals and are considered beneficial for the skin. This is especially a great exfoliant for feet. Your feet will see and feel 100 times better in no time.

If you're looking for a very quick, no-hassle recipe, you're in luck. Make a salt and olive oil in a few minutes! All you need is sea salt and olive oil. Alternatively, you can also use Epsom salt instead of sea salt.

Vitamin C helps the skin rebuild collagen, which makes the skin look more resilient and younger. It's also a great antioxidant. Apricot oil brings in a bit of moisture as salt soaps can detoxify and use some oil to even out the skin. Add these ingredients to the Himalayan salt for a perfect scrub!

Himalayan pink salt is a great culinary ingredient that contains more than 80 minerals and beneficial elements. However, these elements can often be more accessible to the body through skin absorption. For this reason, a body scrub with Himalayan pink salt and essential oils can work wonders on your skin and give you the relaxation you need after a busy day.

I love scrubs that smell delicious, especially when they're based on everyone's favorite cocktail - margarita. The light citrus scent energizes and sets the mood for a day, making it perfect for a morning routine a few times a week.

There can't be too many scrubs, can there? Here's another really cool recipe I'd like to share with you today. It contains lavender, which not only smells divine, but also has a calming and calming effect, which makes it perfect to use right before bed.

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