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Natural Swim Ponds with Natural Boulders – Splash Supply Company natural swimming ponds

Natural Swim Ponds with Natural Boulders – Splash Supply Company natural swimming ponds

natural swimming ponds

Spring is soon and there is nothing like sunbathing and swimming in spring and summer. If you don't have a pool but are considering such an option and prefer to stay in nature, skip a regular pool and think of a swimming pond or natural pool. A swimming pond is a water feature that brings your garden to life with birds, insects and various aquatic life and can be used for swimming. Natural swimming pools and ponds look very harmonious and fit perfectly into the landscape. This is achieved through green and aquatic plants as well as plants. Is it worth it or not? And how do you design one? Just take a look.


When you swim in a natural pond, you won't have itchy red eyes, dry skin or want to take a shower, which is common after swimming in chlorinated water. Chlorine haters, this is your option. A natural swimming pond looks very cool in your landscape and becomes an additional decorative feature. It looks absolutely natural and blends in with the landscape. A natural pond has excellent water quality, creates a habitat for wildlife and plants and, thanks to this, has lower maintenance costs.


An ordinary natural pool creates some space for swimming (50-70% of the surface) and some for filtering. There are many different configurations and appearances, and minimum pool size recommendations are between 30 and 50 square feet, but there are also much smaller pools that work quite well. Water is pumped into shallow areas with abundant plants and aggregates that act as natural filters and keep the water pure and clear.

The bigger (and deeper) a pool, the less likely it is to have an algae problem. A deeper pool means a cooler water temperature, which means a slower start to the bathing season, but perhaps a more refreshing dip in the full heat of summer. Living organisms protect between one and two meters in winter. The sun promotes algae growth and photosynthesis. The less sunlight exposure, the better. Having a natural swimming pond in your yard can actually help reduce stinging insect populations by attracting dragonflies and other natural predators to fully developed mosquitos.


Plants, some insects, amphibians, and other aquatic life are part of a natural swimming pond ecosystem. In the end, you share your bathroom with the whole of life (stationary and mobile) that keeps your pool clean and clear. Remember - these little creatures won't be interested in you and are likely to be faster swimmers than you, so relax and enjoy yourself. Ge tinspired to make one in your back yard!

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