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mudroom entryway benches

mudroom entryway benches

A mud room or entrance area is often very small, I would say tiny, and that makes it difficult to properly decorate. You’ll need to put some furniture here that will be necessary for storing your clothes, hats, scarves, shoes, boots, umbrellas, and maybe bags and other smaller items. An entrance bench can help you solve this problem with your storage space. It is convenient for putting on your shoes, placing umbrellas, bags, clothes and accessories, and it can add style to your entrance area. I think this is a must have for any dirt room. Would you like to know which bank to choose? Continue reading!

Mudroom and entrance benches with storage rooms

Such a bench is number one for a small mud room, it will be your seat and storage at the same time. These are usually benches with a plank under the top that you will place some boxes, baskets, or drawers with your shoes, hats, scarves, and other stuff on. You can also leave umbrellas there – no boxes are needed in this case. There are benches with special compartments for shoes and boots or, on the contrary, closed drawers for your belongings. No compartments or drawers? No problem! Just put your boots or shoes under the bench and you will have it!

Built-in and tiny mudroom and entrance benches

If your dirt room is very small and you have no idea how to put a bench in there, choose an integrated version. It’s usually fitted to the wall and in some cases can even be folded so you have more space with it. Another option is to opt for a tiny bench, a really small piece the size of a chair, if it’s really necessary for your mud room.

Now let’s talk about the style.

Industrial mudroom and entrance benches

Industrial benches are amazingly durable – they’re usually made of metal and wood and are perfect for loft, industrial, and modern spaces. Most of them have storage space too, so this is a great option.

Shabby chic and vintage mudroom and entrance benches

Shabby chic and vintage benches with a rustic flair are the most popular I would say because they look really cute and are easy to make. Just take reclaimed wood, a nail, hammer, grinder, and some stain and you’re there. Whitewash your bench for a laid-back shabby chic look.

Refined modern mudroom and entrance benches

If you want to make a deadly impression on your guests, put a chic, modern bench in the entrance area so that your visitors are impressed the moment they walk into your home.

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Sunflower textiles and decorations

You can rock adorable sunflower decorations of your choice - make a pallet sign with fake sunflowers and a sunny quote, create a bold arrangement with fake blooms, pumpkins, grass, and herbs - a piece like this makes a lovely centerpiece for a late summer fall or table setting. Put your arrangements in buckets, baskets and metal bathtubs to give the room a rustic flair. Make a chalkboard sign with sunflowers or hang some styrofoam balls with sunflowers over the window. Sunflower textiles like tea towels, curtains, and gloves can be a beautiful and bold idea.

Sunflower tools and accessories

Add sunflower decals to devices to make them bolder and cuter. Choose sunflower-shaped plates and trays, make shelves with sunflowers, sunflower utensil holders, and soap holders for a fun and bright touch. Try sunflower plate and cup holders - you can take a simple one and decorate it yourself. Don't be over the top with the flowers, they are bold enough and you don't need a lot of bold decor with them.

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