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mothers day table setting ideas

mothers day table setting ideas

If you expect your children to come to you for brunch on Mother’s Day, or if you expect your mother and grandmothers to come to you for the same reason, it is high time to plan how the table will be set for the occasion.


It is a spring holiday and the table decoration is inspired by spring colors which are mostly pastel colors. Soft and creamy shades such as sage green, powder blue, rouge, sun yellow and others make your little party a spring-like experience. Another idea is to rock by filling your table setting with bright colors – pink, red, fuchsia, yellow, emerald, and orange. Such colors liven up the table and create an ambience.


Flowers are a must for every spring occasion and party, especially for Mother’s Day. You can opt for a flower color that goes with glasses, napkins and dishes, or choose softer pastels for the table and bold and chic flowers for centerpieces and table runners. Fresh flowers in vases, teacups or directly on the table slightly enliven it and make it cooler.


Incorporate the style you want. If it’s a vintage table landscape, try antique cups and dishes, doilies instead of placemats, and gold-plated cutlery. For a rustic feel, use jugs and bread bowls for floral and green compositions. Have a nice brunch!

Are you an expectant mom who is in love with everything boho? Incorporate this style as a baby shower theme, it's totally adorable! There are so many fun ideas out there whether someone is celebrating a little girl, little boy, or even a gender-neutral baby shower. Bohemian themes often include certain colors and design elements that make things look earthy, whimsical, artistic, and free spirited, and there are tons of ideas to go with that.


Objects and symbols associated with bohemianism include arrows, teepees, feathers, dream catchers, flowers, deer skulls, and other elements of nature. Aztec prints and flower crowns are also common associations. However, there are also more minimalist approaches to the subject - for example, using mini-succulents and foliage as decor.


Rock a baby shower cake and cookies that match your theme and colors - a cake with arrows, dream catchers and feathers, cookies shaped like all the symbols of this style above.

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