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mothers day floral centerpieces

mothers day floral centerpieces

Mother’s Day is next month, but preparing ahead of time is always a win-win idea. Today I want to share some easy-to-make, but very cute ideas for brunch centerpieces for Mother’s Day. The most popular centerpiece for any occasion is a flower piece as it fits all themes and styles and is easy to design yourself. This vacation is no exception – flowers are on top of it. This round-up is dedicated to the floral centerpieces for Mother’s Day. So let’s start.

Glasses and vases

Putting your flowers in a jar or vase is a very simple idea, but take your arrangement to a new level by taking flowers of the same color and placing each in a separate bottle or vase. You can also make a combination of mason jars, painted in different hues, each with the same flowers. Another idea is to make a cool frame out of pallets and use thin bottles for individual flowers.

Other ideas

Any vase or mason jar can be made fantastic if you paint it, glitter it, or cover it with something – hollow out a paper sack, doily, or even cabbage and put a vase in it. Create your own personal flower arrangement in a standard box of florist foam – make a masterpiece! Or plant bold flowers in tea cups – modern or vintage flowers.

Family photos are always very touching, and children's hands made of wire and holding these photos are just a double blow! This DIY concrete photo holder is a great way to touch memories while highlighting the interior with bright decor. Of course, a child cannot cope with this concrete craft, but with a little help from parents, an unusual interior element or a beautiful gift for a mother or grandmother will be easily made.

Video shows how to make a DIY concrete handprint photo holder


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