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Montessori playroom with musical toys
kids rooms wall storage

Montessori playroom with musical toys kids rooms wall storage

Children’s room with Ikea Trofast and Latt – baby room decoration It is very easy to assemble. It takes less than 5 minutes to assemble by a single person and it holds up great. After 2 years the … kids rooms wall storage

Wall storage allows you to consider some space and automatically enlarge the space. This is especially timely when decorating a nursery or a nursery that is often small. What are the ideas for a children's room?

Save books

All protrusions are sufficient for the storage of books! Find the bars you like and attach them to the walls in the reading nook or wherever you want. Then just put books and magazines there. Open shelves are another idea for storing books and albums, creating or buying the ones you want and hanging them in the place you want. IKEA spice racks can become convenient storage items for books.

Toy storage

Toys can be stored in many different ways depending on the type of toy. Wall-mounted boxes or baskets are the most popular parts for storing toys of all kinds. You can find them in dollar stores or simply hang cubes and baskets on the walls.

If the toys are metal toys, a magnetic holder is what you need. IKEA strips can easily be turned into LEGO holders.

I love the idea of ​​house- and birdhouse-shaped shelves painted in pastel colors on the inside. Such shelves serve not only as shelves, but also as playhouses. You can also put boxes on the walls to use as playhouses.

Do you need more original ideas? Make your own wooden shelves or fabric bags for toys, so easy and so creative!

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