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modern wood kitchens

modern wood kitchens

Rocking wood cabinets are traditional for kitchens, but what if you want something more modern? Order or make beautiful modern wooden cabinets for your kitchen – it looks cozy and comfortable with a natural touch. Interested in some ideas? Here you are!

Bright kitchens

Light wood is ideal for modern kitchens as it makes the room appear airy and natural. To make it look modern, you can opt for a white slim countertop and backsplashes, extra lights and geometric handles, or no handles at all. You can also choose white cabinets for hanging and wooden cabinets on the floor to add contrast to the kitchen.

Dark and warm colored kitchens

Warm and dark wood can also be implemented in a modern room. Atmospheric rooms are really cool and trendy now. You can use dark wood with dark metal to make the room like this. Warm wood can be made more modern with concrete or slim countertops and upstands, and you can opt for wooden cabinets with a black frame – top and bottom. Add some cool hanging lamps to make the room look cooler, and voila!

Sometimes a simple wall is just boring and you need something to upgrade it. You can clad it with barn wood, accentuate it with stone, unusual wallpaper or stencils, add shelves or wall art. The latter is right what I'm going to talk about today. An unusual and eye-catching wall art can change the entire appearance of not just a simple wall, but the entire room. Do you want to see some ideas? Here you are.

Geometric wall art ideas

The geometric decor is extremely popular for modern decor and is rather abstract, so it fits in many environments and can be mixed in different colors. Geometric wall art is an amazing idea for any room, and you can go for an entire geometric wall or just one wall art, whether it's simple wall art or 3D wall art. You can create your own using paint, removable stickers, wallpaper, stencils, even pieces of metal or mirrors, find your perfect path and tutorial!

Metallic wall art ideas

Metallic colors are also very popular and I would say timeless things that will always look good despite the fashion. You can create your own paintings and canvases with abstract metallic accents or find cool metal sculptures and artwork to hang where you need them. The designs are so numerous that I'm sure everyone will find what he or she needs. Get inspired!

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