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modern wood kitchens

modern wood kitchens

Rocking wood cabinets are traditional for kitchens, but what if you want something more modern? Order or make beautiful modern wooden cabinets for your kitchen – it looks cozy and comfortable with a natural touch. Interested in some ideas? Here you are!

Bright kitchens

Light wood is ideal for modern kitchens as it makes the room appear airy and natural. To make it look modern, you can opt for a white slim countertop and backsplashes, extra lights and geometric handles, or no handles at all. You can also choose white cabinets for hanging and wooden cabinets on the floor to add contrast to the kitchen.

Dark and warm colored kitchens

Warm and dark wood can also be implemented in a modern room. Atmospheric rooms are really cool and trendy now. You can use dark wood with dark metal to make the room like this. Warm wood can be made more modern with concrete or slim countertops and upstands, and you can opt for wooden cabinets with a black frame – top and bottom. Add some cool hanging lamps to make the room look cooler, and voila!

If you want to have a cool home bar but are not ready to buy one just yet, this round-up can be a source of inspiration for you. We've put together the coolest ideas for hacking IKEA items, building a home bar, or hacking existing IKEA bar carts. They can be used both indoors and outdoors.

IKEA bar cart

A bar cart has several advantages, and most importantly, it is mobile and can be moved anywhere - both indoors and outdoors, which makes it more functional. Second, a bar cart is a cool idea for a small space - it doesn't take up a lot of space and it doesn't look bulky. Take an IKEA Raskog, Bygel or Forhoja cart and turn it into a masterpiece with paint, stencils, new rollers, legs and contact paper. Create a large mobile bar with two or more IKEA carts or make your own cart by placing a desk or table on wheels.

IKEA bars and liquor cabinets

One of the easiest ideas to make a simple open home bar is to take an IKEA desk or table and renovate it to fit your space by adding suitable shelves and holders. You can even add roles. Another idea is to hack an IKEA cabinet or dresser like Ivar, Rast, Kallax, Valje or other pieces and here the possibilities are endless! You can make it half open and half closed, keep it closed, repaint, uncouple, stencil, cover with wallpaper and contact paper, embellish and do whatever else comes to mind. If you want something special and more creative, consider making a home bar out of IKEA Kangglig boxes or designing a Murphy bar out of an IKEA bathroom shelf and so on. Get smart!

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