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modern front pivot doors

modern front pivot doors

A front door that rotates on a swivel box rather than traditional side hinges is a chic and fresh modern idea that is widely used today. Swing doors exude a cool, contemporary feel, but whether they’re suitable for your home is another question.

Revolving doors are primarily used for high-end and custom homes, and they benefit from two converging trends in residential construction: homes with a greater connection between inside and outside, and ever larger doors to accommodate this type of lifestyle.

The doors offer many advantages. In addition to a seamless, optimized appearance, they offer smooth operation. The door panels can be made much wider, the total area being larger than a side-hinged door.

One problem that comes with some hinged doors is warping. Swing doors swing up and down at a point that does not restrict warp movement in the door. Most doors will definitely stay sturdy, but since wood is a natural product, it can freely assume any shape that can pull the fabric of a door into a chain.

One of the biggest drawbacks to using a revolving door is its cost – it’s up to 30 percent more expensive than a combination of a door and a sidelight and, by some estimates, twice as expensive as a single standard-width door.

If your budget and style allow doors like this – just go for them, they look stunning and very fresh. They are a great facility and a way to connect with the outdoors.

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