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modern coastal beach bedrooms

modern coastal beach bedrooms

modern coastal beach bedrooms

If you are a happy beach house owner, want to buy one, or have a beach or coastal style design for your home, this roundup is for you. We've rounded up the coolest, most adorable modern coastal and beach rooms that inspire - even if you don't have a beach house, we're sure you'll miss the ocean like us. So take a look!

Colors and materials

As well as being a beach area, your bedroom can be any style. However, we are discussing modern, contemporary, and Scandinavian beach and coastal bedrooms. Such rooms are usually rather laconic, they are often done in neutral colors with blue highlights or all white with a touch of blue tones that you like and stained wood - most often in light tones.

As for the materials, you can use wicker, woven and rattan accents for a cozy feeling outdoors, wood of all kinds and, of course, sea-inspired pieces like mother-of-pearl, seashells and coral to give the space that coastal feel.

Furniture and decor

Your bed can be upholstered, wicker, or rattan, or just wood to fit into a modern coastal space. Add a bench or ottoman if there is enough space and put cool bedside tables or hang them on the walls. Add a storage unit, hang a pretty chandelier made of wooden beads or mother-of-pearl. Pay special attention to your textiles - they set the mood and you can rock them in shades of blue and in different prints. Hang up artwork inspired by the ocean or create an entire gallery wall and voila, your bedroom is ready!

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