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modern christmas table settings

modern christmas table settings

Nowadays, more and more people are opting for a modern but non-traditional decor because they want a chic but laconic and somewhat casual look. Today I want to inspire you with modern table decorations for Christmas and you will see how stylish and amazing they can be.

Modern decor can be upgraded with different styles like glamor, scandinavian, rustic or minimalistic – it’s up to you what you like the most. If you want something really laconic, go for Scandinavian or minimalist decor in monochrome black and white. If you’re looking for more luxurious decor, go for glamorous accents.

Choose your colors: black and gold, black and white, gray and white, different shades of gray or different colors that you like. White and ivory refresh the look and metallic accents create a refined feel. Would you like a variant for traditional decor? Choose red, white and rock placemats, cups and plates in these colors. Use an evergreen table runner or a garland of pine cones in place of traditional flowers for a modern look. Opt for lights and candles, they are suitable for any table landscape. Ornaments are great for decorating, just don’t be over the top with them. Pine cones and twigs and twigs are welcome for a cozy rustic touch. Get inspired!

A claw foot bathtub is a nifty and chic item for any bathroom, and such pieces are becoming increasingly popular. If you still hesitate when you need one, we have prepared some pictures to show you - get inspired!

Black claw foot bathtubs

A black claw-foot bathtub is a chic idea for making a statement in a monochrome room, laying mosaic tiles on the floor and a cool look is ready! You can go for black legs or add more sophisticated gold-plated or brass legs, then choose matching fittings and your bathroom will be very sophisticated.

Colorful claw-foot bathtubs

A bright bathtub is a cool and edgy idea to add color to your bathroom. Whether neutral or monochrome, it can easily be spiced up with an emerald green, orange, red, blue, yellow or any other color tray. Even if your room is already colorful, a light bathtub still gives a light touch. Enjoy!

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