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Modern chandelier lighting beautiful chandelier designs
diy branch decorations

Modern chandelier lighting beautiful chandelier designs diy branch decorations

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Branches are a cool material to use for decoration as there are many combinations to create and use. They're totally affordable: just get some fallen branches into your yard! In addition, branches give the room a cozy natural feeling and harmonize the room. Let's see how to use them for decoration and what to do with them.

It's fall now and it's time to make a cool wall hanging to enjoy the time of year. The piece was made from some embossed cardboard sheets and some artificial twigs because they don't have any insects and the leaves won't crumble into dust.

Faux taxidermy is on trend for decor, but there is another way to decorate the room with a natural feel - just take branches, paint them, and attach them to a piece of wood. Then put the whole thing on the wall and that's it!

Christmas isn't that far and if you want an original tree or just don't have a real one, take some branches to create one. Fix them on the wall and decorate them with ornaments, garlands and lights.

Display your photos with a tree branch in a creative and natural way. All you have to do is attach your photos where you want them on the strings on the branch and then all over the piece.

This arrangement is ideal for Easter and spring. It is made up of twigs and foam eggs that are used for buds. All you have to do is glue the eggs on the branches and that's it! Put the branches in a nice vase.

Adding copper and gold leaf to branches is a great way to bring fall into the house! Before starting, make sure your branches are clean and dry. It also doesn't hurt to test the arrangement in your vase before adding gold leaf so you can see if you have too many or not enough branches.

Showing a little bit of nature in the cold winter months is a great idea to add cozier to your interior. Create a beautiful winter display with a feed branch from your garden. Add some gold gold + pompoms for a bit of rustic glamor. The random pattern of gilding and gold pompoms reminds me of cold, frosty mornings.

Pieces of wood can make great hangers for your closet or entryway. Cut, paint, or spray as needed and let dry. Attach magnets or use nails to place hooks in their places.

A black branch with super bold pom-poms is a great thing to decorate for for fall. It's moody, but at the same time bright. Make it easy and quick to read the tutorial.

This pretty pastel decoration consisted of a twig branch and strong wooden beads that were attached to it with thread. So easy!

Make an adorable nature-inspired sculpture by placing twigs in a concrete base. You can spray them or leave them as they are. Such a sculpture can be used to hang bags and hats, if you choose thick branches.

Placing decorative twigs in your vases can fill the void in a room like nothing else. For the winter, buy some decorative branches in white and copper to put in a vase, or get some real ones and spray them yourself for the perfect look.

Sheets of paper on real twigs are a super quick craft that results in fun decorations to use for spring or a kids' party. The tutorial is simple - just attach sheets of paper to the branches, done.

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