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minimalist bathrooms

Mixtures minimalist bathrooms

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The minimalist style has conquered the world: it is elegant, timeless, laconic, does not overcrowd spaces and offers negative space that usually increases the mood. This style is great for any space, but especially functional spaces where you don't need too much decor, including bathrooms. Today I want to share some ideas about minimalist bathrooms and ways to make them right and chic.

Colors and materials

If you want a minimalist bathroom, keep the colors simple: neutral, black and white, solid color or even all dark for a moody feel. Since a minimalist bathroom is very simple and elegant, you can check the look by the materials you are using. Opt for different tiles, wood, cork, plywood, stone, concrete, marble, and other sleek and cool materials that you like - this way you can stick to a color scheme but keep the space interesting. Include a skylight or a frosted glass window to fill your space with natural light.

Furniture and appliances

Bathrooms usually don't have a lot of furniture, it usually comes down to stools, chairs, stools, shelves and vanities - that's all you need for a bathroom. Prefer a sleek or monolithic vanity with a built-in sink, a very minimal ottoman, or a side table or stool for various things. Make a cool shower room with different tiles and separate this room with a glass room divider or integrate a bathtub into your bathroom. Go for catchy, better black ones for the ultimate edgy look.

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