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mirror closet doors ideas

mirror closet doors ideas

Adding mirror panels to wardrobe or closet doors completely transforms any room and is especially helpful in small bedrooms as it visually enlarges the space. You can also use these mirror doors to look at yourself as you get dressed. Let’s look at some ideas that you can use and choose the best option.

Sliding mirror doors

Sliding mirror doors are ideal for small rooms: You save your space perfectly and at the same time visually expand it. You can try sliding mirror doors without handles for a modern look or barn style mirror sliding doors that add a rustic touch. Framing is also important here. Choose them according to your decor and style.

Folding mirror doors

Folding doors are another creative solution that saves you a lot of space and is very convenient to use. The framing gives the doors a sophisticated look, and no framing looks chic and elegant.

Usual mirror doors

Ordinary mirrored doors are no worse than folding or sliding doors, and the framing, texture and color should adhere to the decor of your space. Mirror doors enlarge your bedroom, reflect light and fill your room with it. Such a practical and cool solution, rock it!

Pantries are the best place to store groceries and various kitchen utensils, especially if you have enough space. Whether it's a small pantry or a large room to store everything, you need to organize it properly to get the most space possible. Today I'm offering to take a look at how to organize your food using different bins and caddies.

Glass container

Glass containers and jars are the most convenient for dry food: cookies, coffee, tea, various types of pasta and sweets. The best idea is airtight glass containers. So, look for convenient plastic or metal lids to keep the food safe and away from various odors.

Metal holder

Metal drawers are great for storing vegetables so they won't spoil. And of course, you can store different foods in packages and boxes if you want. A couple of such drawers are a good idea.

Plastic container

Plastic containers, containers and boxes are ideal for almost all types of food, they are easy to wash and clean and can be of any size and appearance for any room.

Other ideas

Other ideas can be various caddies, cubbies, baskets, and boxes that are cool for storing almost all types of food. Woven baskets give your pantry a rustic look. One important thing is to label the containers that you have. There are lots of ideas for doing this, printing out some labels, making blackboards, or writing the names of the food directly on the containers.

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