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minimalist living rooms

minimalist living rooms

More is less, and this is a minimalist style motto that’s currently high on the agenda. No unnecessary objects, no excessive colors and no crazy decor – just the bare essentials and pure chic! If you’re still hesitating about whether or not you need minimalist spaces in your home, take a look at our roundup of the most stylish minimalist living spaces.

Style and colors

The minimalist style is often used solo, nothing else as it is very self-sufficient, but you can add some other styles as well. These can be modern, contemporary and scandi styles, they go very well with minimalism. Don’t go too far – just incorporate furniture or decor into these styles and nothing else.

The color scheme is usually monochromatic: go purely neutral, white, black and white, or even dark. You can add some bright accents, but limit yourself to that – minimalism is not about bold colors.


How do I avoid the boring and cold look that is so common in minimalist homes? Decide on different materials! It can be a marble or stone-clad fireplace, a metal coffee table, comfortable furniture made of various fabrics and carpets. Textiles and upholstery are exactly what gives your minimalist living room a cozy atmosphere.


What should a minimalist living room look like? It should be roomy – even if you don’t have enough space, try adding a negative space for an airy feel. Think of simple lines and smooth surfaces, you don’t need anything whimsical or unusual here. Check out some ideas below!

We just shared some cool wall wall basket ideas and today I want to share some more cool wall decor ideas and these are plates. Decorative plates have even more potential than baskets because they are usually painted and you can use them to create different combinations. They can be arranged symmetrically or asymmetrically, on one wall or on two that come from one to the other. If you think plates will only fit in a kitchen or dining room, you are mistaken. Decorative plates can be a good idea for almost any room. Let's look at that.

Kitchens and dining areas

Plates are very traditional for kitchens and dining areas for a reason - these are plates. Above the dining area or on a kitchen wall, you can rock mismatched vintage or floral patterns. Various colorful plates are sure to make a statement on a neutral or dark wall. The colors can correspond to the color scheme of the kitchen or the mismatch. If you want a modern look on a wall of plates, cut the plates very clearly and take them in matching colors, it will be a great decoration!

Other rooms

Other rooms can include living rooms, entry areas, and even bedrooms. Flowery and matching plates, also in different sizes, give a vintage or an elegant feel. Colorful hand-painted and mismatched are for a modern or eclectic space. In fact, plates can be arranged for any living style, from boho to minimalist. The point is how you rock the colors and sizes. Get inspired!

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