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minimalist kitchens

minimalist kitchens

The minimalist style is one of the most popular: it is modern, elegant, elegant and very laconic. You don’t see any unnecessary details here, just pure design. There are many other advantages to this style and many designers and homeowners are choosing it. If you want a minimalist kitchen in your home but don’t know where to start, this round up will help.

Colors and materials

Minimalist style is minimal, yes, which means that white, black, and a palette of neutrals are your choices for such a space. White is the most popular option, it fills the room with light, makes it look bigger and it never goes out of style. If you want to soften the crispy look, go for neutral colors like light brown or gray – add them or just stick with them. If you’re looking for a trendy, moody look, graphite gray and black are your options. Do you want some colors? This can also be done by using a light shade that you like and mixing it back up with neutral or black colors. Keep it stylish and modern. Think edgy two-tone kitchens which are so trendy right now that such a choice is sure to make your space catchy.

Minimalist rooms are often seen as cold. To avoid this, all you can do is add some warm materials to the design. First and foremost, it’s wood and plywood that you can use to make your cabinets. Second, this is stone and marble in warm tones.

Furniture and accessories

You can opt for upper and lower cabinets or just stick to lower ones to release the space and make it airy. Imagine a large kitchen island with an additional countertop for dining – it may or may not be made of a different material. Go for a statement hood and built-in appliances as your kitchen should be sleek and clean. Add minimalist lamps and built-in lights and there you go!

A nursery is the first room for your child, they will spend a lot of time there, and it should look safe, functional and cute. Today I want to share some ideas to make any kindergarten cooler: This round-up is dedicated to DIY kindergarten artwork. There are printouts that all require some editing, but you won't regret it - they look really original. Check out the DIYs below and choose yours!

Give your kids room a bright rainbow color with this fun rainbow weave. It's not hard to do and a good project to use up waste yarn if you have it. Sitting on a soft, fluffy cloud with cascading raindrops made of felt, the rainbow brings texture and softness to a nursery, nursery, or play room. I've never met a kid who doesn't love a rainbow, so this wall hanging would make a beautiful handmade gift.

These canvases are pretty simple and easy to make. They are made of burlap and colorful buttons, one piece is in a word, the second is a flower applique, they are perfect for a girl's room. If you have a boy, just swap the flowers for something else.

You don't have to be a tree keeper to love this tutorial, although it's a great Earth Day craft! Turn up this DIY button art project for a playroom or baby's nursery with this free template. This tutorial is so simple that your kids can create their own versions alongside you when they're old enough to use glue with a little precision. Alternatively, you can make button drawings of any simple shape you can find by printing them and drawing the silhouette on your wood.

If you spend anytime in craft stores you know there is no shortage of inexpensive wooden letters in all sizes and styles these days. When you combine these letters with small wooden blocks - voila - you get letterpress printing blocks. The following tutorial has all of the details you need to create your own letterpress art. Since your dimensions will vary depending on the letters you choose, you will need to figure out how your own โ€œpuzzleโ€ of printing blocks will fit together. Honestly, that's part of the fun! Such a decoration will definitely help your child learn the alphabet - isn't it amazing?

This piece of art is for those who are ready to paint a little, and of course it would suit a coastal or ocean-inspired nursery. Follow the directions and attach some mother-of-pearl buttons to the end to make the squid cooler.

Wall decorations always give a room a nice finish. They are very cute to use to decorate a nursery or a nursery. This rainbow cloud is made of wire and can be used in two different ways: as a wall decoration or as a mobile phone when you hang it from the ceiling.

Have you ever completed a paper project only to find you have lots of pretty scraps that you just can't throw away? If you want to make art for your own little one, get out all of these spare papers and follow them! This crescent moon wall art is an amazing decoration for any kid's room.

This little bird canvas group on the wall looks super cute and will suit both a boy's and a girl's nursery. The birdies are made of fabric and a button eye. And are attached to small 6-inch canvases. The project is very quick and chic - you will only spend 20 minutes creating it.

This project is very doable even for a novice craftsperson. It's also very cheap. All you need is a little bit of time and some colorful felt. This large 3D felt flower is a beautiful decoration for any girl's nursery and can be made during your child's nap.

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